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Bored with floor based yoga?
Tired of being a lounge lizard?
Never even been to a yoga class? That does not matter.

Welcome to aerial exercise with Miss Fit – Sydneys largest provider of aerial yoga, Lyra & aerial fitness Classes

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Aerial or anti-gravity Yoga involves performing asanas in a comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym sling. You will experience unique holistic techniques that will increase your body awareness, strength, flexibility, stability and balance. You shall learn to focus upon muscle isolation techniques, mind body connections and an introduction to pranayama (controlled breathing) all while safely supported by Fly Gyms comfortable slings. No previous fitness or yoga experience is required to be able to join and reap benefit from Miss Fits Aerial Yoga classes.

Aerial Fitness incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, acrobatics, resistance training and flexibility. Miss Fits Aerial Fitness involves performing exercises in comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym slings that allows your body to move in ways that are just not possible on the floor. Originally designed as a training tool for circus aerialists, you will also get to perform some moves that you never expected you would or could be able to do, we will challenge your strength, flexibility and your mind all while safely supported by the comfortable Fly Gym slings. Suitable for all ages, women and men. You do not need any previous yoga or fitness experience to be able to benefit from and enjoy our classes. Aerial Fitness is also an ideal cross-training activity for pole dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, dancers or anyone wanting balanced total body training.

Lyra - Aerial Hoop is a challenging circus based performance art that is fantastic for building your upper body and core. Our instructors range from fitness coaches to international aerial performers who all share a passion for the Lyra. They will ensure that you will be challenged to the appropriate level of your fitness and strength. While the aerial hoop (Lyra) is not as comfortable as our yoga slings :-), we provide regular opportunities for students to perform and compete.

Kids Aerial is our a program to cover children from 5 to 17 years with aerial classes using either Sling or Lyra Aerial Hoops.
Kids Sling Classes involve children performing exercises, tumbles, turns and stretches in comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym slings. With lots of giggles and fun we challenge their strength, flexibility and focus all while safely supported by the comfortable Fly Gym slings. No previous fitness or yoga experience is required to be able to join and benefit from these exercises. Mums and Dads are encouraged to be in the studio and involved with their childs class. It is a unique opportunity to be able to exercise with your child in a unique environment. Our Kids Aerial instructors have been certified to work with children. Suitable for ages 4 - 11 girls and boys
Teen Lyra is for all teens aged between 12-17 years. These classes are fun and challenging and an effective way to build strength, balance and confidence. Check out Video of Channel 9 looking at Miss Fits Kids Aerial classes.

All our instructors have been certified by Fly Gym and will ensure that the exercises you perform are appropriate to your level of fitness.

We run as 8 week terms, the term fee for aerial yoga classes is $190-, each class runs for 1 hour. Casual attendance is possible if places are available for $30-/class.

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Come Fly with Master Instructor John and our team of qualified Fly Gym instructors at any of our 3 studios in Castle Hill, Artarmon and Taren Point to find out why we are the most popular aerial yoga studios in Sydney. We'll help you empower your body & empower yourself!

What people are saying about Aerial Yoga
As a chiropractor and a pole dancer, I am always on the lookout for an exercise regime that promotes both strength and flexibility. I definitely found this with Fly Gym! Not only was I activating many important core stabilising muscles, I found the range of motion I created in my shoulders and hips was remarkable! This was all done in a low impact environment, which is ideal for healthy joints. I would reccomend this form of exercise not only for those wanting to fine tune their fitness, but those looking to start their fitness journey with low impact, effective exercise, that can be so easily personalised to your own fitness ability. Any age, any ability - and it's fun too!
Dr Jess Hambly Sep 2013

Thank you very much for the trial of Fly Gym yesterday. It was lots of fun and a great exercise session at the same time. I do think it is a fantastic alternative to usual gym training. Due to it being non weight bearing i think it will prevent a lot of typical injuries that gym goers experience. It was a great shoulder, core and back extension workout with little chance of injury when performed under your supervision. I would be happy to refer my non acute clients to your class. It would be a great rehab program for lower back and shoulder patients. And those interested in a new and different way to exercise

Laina Collings B.Chir.Sc, M.Chir - Sep 2013