5 reasons why you will fail on a diet, but how you can drop a dress size for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If losing weight was easy I would not be writing this blog! There are so many reasons why diets have a high failure rate. Sometimes we're just eating the wrong foods (low fat does not mean low calorie), we feel too hungry and succumb to temptation, we don't get results quickly and then lose our motivation, we hate going to the gym, or sometimes there's factors at home that make it hard to keep pushing on.

If you can relate to this, read on, for there are ways to get around these very real issues.

Let's get one thing straight. Diet is a 4 letter word. Lets put it in the swear jar! Diet screams Deprivation, Isolation, Emptiness and The Blues. We've all been there, and I hope that you never have to put yourself through that again. We will not be dieting!

Let's get our heads around a different concept. Lifestyle. When you take a more holistic approach, healthy living and healthy eating just become our daily habits. They feed off each other and go far beyond what you put in your mouth. Healthy living is a state of mind and covers your mental, emotional and physical state. A happy head, happy heart and happy body are all interconnected. By tweaking one area, there's often a change in other parts of your life too. We need to feel connected with those around us, feel purposeful in our daily lives, and feel loved. When you join a community of like minded people, there is a group energy and common purpose that carries you all forward like a current towards a common goal. It's far easier to flow with the current than trying to paddle upstream solo!

At Miss Fit you are joining a community of women in a non-competitive, supportive and non-judgemental environment. In our small boutique classes our instructors create a feeling of friendship and trust. You will enjoy a fitness experience that is challenging, rewarding and exciting.  Achieving goals that you never expected you would or could ever do is the greatest high imaginable. That new found self belief carries you on to attempt the next challenge. We have had many women overcome battles with depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem by joining our classes and discovering a new side to themselves. Apart from feeling great on the inside, they look fit, toned and fabulous!


In 2012, Miss Fit Dance Studio was the first pole studio in the world to run a clinical trial to measure the effectiveness of combining pole fitness with a calorie controlled meal plan.  In 8 weeks, our participants lost up to 13 kg, lost up to 47% total body fat, and had visibly improved muscle tone. All reported feeling happier about themselves, and dropped at least 1 dress size. See all the details here.

Since then, many women have joined our community and have been guided through our Miss Fit MakeOvers programs. You are not doing this alone. You are working closely with our expert dieticians who customize your meal plans to fit in with your body transformation goals.  They are then meeting with you and mentoring you through the program, helping you to understand how to make lifestyle changes so you can adopt healthy eating habits for the long term, for permanent weight loss.


Christmas is not far away. But you have time to complete an 8 week Miss Fit MakeOver and drop a dress size in time for the silly season! Our new term starts from October 30, so this is a perfect time to get started. If you haven't done any classes with us before you can book a taster class. CONTACT US TODAY.

 Why Diets Don't Work.


If you go around hungry all the time, sticking to a diet isn’t going to work. Your body demands energy and fighting hunger is just not sustainable long-term. On the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans we are fuelling your body for exercise. You should never feel hungry. If you do, your dietician can tweak your meal plans.

We don't demonise foods but include foods from all food groups and offers a balanced “everything in moderation” approach to healthy eating. Lean meats, fish, dairy, eggs, tofu, rice and legumes, in addition to fruits and vegetables, are all part of the plan. And we factor in treats - a glass of wine or some chocolate, as well as delicious desserts!


Let’s face it, none of us have hours free every day for food shopping and cooking, let alone think about what to make for dinner.

All meals on the Miss Fit MakeOvers  are easy to cook and family friendly. Ingredients don’t have to be sourced from the local farmer’s organic market or health food store. They can all be bought at the supermarket and prepared at home. By shopping once or twice a week you can have all the ingredients you need to be able to stick to the meal plans. You don't need to buy any expensive supplements.

The meal plans are practical, realistic, and easy to follow. You can have all the family eating the same meals that you do.


We don't want you to live as a hermit - that is not healthy! Food is a crucial part of our social lives. We have lunch with work mates and eat dinner with family and friends. If your diet doesn’t allow you to eat out, or cook a meal that everyone can enjoy, you’ll lose out on quality downtime with the people you love.

And while many diets dictate what you should eat every day, the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans are flexible. Eating out? No problem. You can record the foods you have eaten at your favourite restaurant into your food tracker. Your dietician will make sure that you stay on track with your overall goal.


So many of us have a sweet tooth! And some of us have an actual sugar addiction, that over time we can work through. But if you've been good why not reward yourself? Yes, the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans allow for occasional treats such chocolate. But even better, and part of our broad approach, is that there are lots of delicious dessert options so you will never feel that you are missing out.


Just like food prepping and cooking, many of us don’t have the time to go to the gym. If you want to exercise from home, we have the DIY MakeOver plan with detailed step-by-step descriptions on how to do each workout, no equipment needed. Only $190- for the 8 week program of exercise and meal plans.

Even just 1 hour of exercise a week has been shown to reduce depression and have a fitness benefit. Obviously if you can do more you will get even better results. 

Most of us prefer to exercise in a group, and that is how you will really develop a sense of community and fun. We have lots of different classes for you to choose from - aerial yoga, aerial fitness, pole fitness, pole dancing, aerial hoop, conditioning and flexibility classes. Plus we have flexible timetabling with daytime, evening and Saturday morning classes - to make it easy to fit in with your busy lifestyle. We also offer mums and bubs classes at our Castle Hill studio with affordable child care right next door.


Once you find classes that you really love, it becomes something that you really look forward to each week, and you get to catch up with your new friends. On the Choose to Lose and VIP MakeOver programs you will be exercising with us at least twice a week. Priced from only $12/day including all classes and dieticians consultations, these plans are very affordable. Click on the links for more details, and contact us to find out which one would work best for you.

Fit by Choice

Miss Fit Dance Studio 



5 Best Office Chair Workouts

Monday, August 14, 2017

1. Sneaky Buns and Guns:

You wouldn't know simply by looking at it, but this small-range-of-motion exercise is great for firing up the inner thighs, glutes, and triceps.

How to do it: Start on the edge of the chair, knees bent and together with feet flat on the floor, hands just outside of hips, and elbows slightly bent. Squeeze knees and "cheeks" together tightly while pushing down with hands, extending elbows (you'll sit taller, but you should never leave your seat). Release. Do 30 quick reps in a row.

2. Magic Carpet Ride:

The “Magic Carpet Ride” works your core and arms.

How to do it: Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat. Then place your hands on the armrests, suck in your gut and raise yourself a few inches above the seat, using your belly, muscles and hands. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

3. The Wooden Leg:

For lower-body strength, try the “Wooden Leg.”

How to do it: Sit in your chair. Extend one leg out straight in front of you. Hold for two seconds. Then raise it up as high as you can, and hold it again for two seconds. Repeat with each leg 15 times.

4. Arch and Twist: 

Strengthen your back and abs—all while keeping your lower body engaged—with this toning move.

How to do it: Sit tall with knees bent and together (focus on squeezing inner thighs together for more muscular activation), toes pointed, hands behind head. Brace abs in tight and hinge back until just shoulder blades are lightly touching the back of the chair. Bring body forward, crossing right elbow to the outside of left knee. Return to start. Repeat for 20 alternating reps.

 5. Arch de Triomphe:

You will need to stand for this one - and you can high five the office as though you've just nailed a big sale!

Stand in a doorway, hold the door frame on each side and walk forward until you feel a stretch in your chest. Last, try supported back extensions. Hold your hips and gently extend your back by bending backward.

Like to do more? Check out the range of classes that we offer - aerial yoga, aerial fitness, pole dancing, pole fitness, flexibility, contortion, and conditioning classes.








What gets you excited?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Don't let life get you down! We are all very busy, and sometimes work, family and financial pressures can create enormous stress. We all need an outlet where we can escape the humdrum of daily life and feel happy.        

Whether its in the yoga slings, spinning on a dance pole or hanging from the lyra, we use exercise to not only for the physical challenge, but to make us feel good about ourselves. By pushing beyond our comfort zone we discover inner strengths that may have been previously untapped, and that new found confidence radiates to other areas of our lives. That's when we feel like superstars!

When you join up for classes at our studios, its much more than a fitness workout. You are joining a community. The mood in our classes is non-competitive and supportive. We work together to overcome fear and thoughts of "I cant do this". Our expert instructors will guide you so that you get to safely perform feats that you never imagined you could or would ever do.

As the largest group of pole and aerial fitness studios in Sydney there's always plenty of options at Miss Fit. We have an expanded range of classes - daytime, evening and weekends - to suit all fitness levels and lifestyles.


More daytime classes!

Our next term starts from Monday 15th May. We've scheduled extra daytime classes for you.

Artarmon: Aerial Yoga, Bendy Babes, beginners pole

Castle Hill: Bendy Babes, Beginners Lyra, Aerial Fitness, more pole classes

Taren Point: Aerial Fitness and Conditioning classes

8 week term priced from $190-

Check out the Term 3 Timetables


 More Pole Classes!

As the largest group of pole studios in Sydney, there's a class to suit every level and lots of timetable options. From absolute beginners through to the pole elite, you can select either the Fundamentals class which focusses on teaching you correct technique, or take on the challenge of a Choreography term and also perform at your end of term Grad Night.

Choose Dance with 'Dre or Dance with J at our Artarmon studio and you'll learn a new routine every week.

8 week term priced from $210-

Check out the Term 3 Timetables


 More lyra (aerial hoop) classes!

Following on from our beginners Lyra (aerial hoop) we will also be offering Lyra 2, a progression class for those wanting to go the next level. You will build on your foundation moves to create flow and sequences, as well as improving your strength and confidence on the hoop.

If you're new to Lyra, book in for our Beginners Lyra term.

8 week term $220-.

Details on the Timetable Page, select Aerial Classes on the drop down menu.


 Get Flexxxy!

There's no doubt about it - Flexy is Sexy! Whether you're working on your oversplit or just want to be able to touch your toes, stretching is a great way to make you look and feel awesome. Our experienced instructors will guide you through safe stretches that will allow you to become a better athlete and feel fabulous. check out our Bendy Babes classes on our timetables. 


Need a Nutrition Makeover?

Work with our expert dieticians and make healthy eating part of your lifestyle for long term weight control. Miss Fit MakeOvers are proven programs to help you shed kilos, gain muscle and visibly tone up. Most importantly you'll feel better about you!

There are a range of programs to suit your lifestyle and your budget. No gimmicks, no supplements, no fasting.

8 week program priced from $190-

They really work! See the results for yourself.



Contact Us

Not sure which is the right class for you? Call us - we can work it out.

Cant commit to a full term? We can arrange a pro rata rate for you

Want to book private lessons? Lets work out a time to suit.

Reply to this newsletter and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit

0431 244 162






The truth about exercise. Why it doesnt make you lose weight.

Monday, January 02, 2017

This might sound like an unbelievable statement from a fitness studio, but it's true! Exercise alone will not make you lose weight. Simple as that. While 100% of our calories come from food, only 10 - 30% of them will be burned by physical activity. Without getting too bogged down with science, the majority of calories are used for the basic functioning of bodily processes while at rest (metabolism) and the remainder are used in the digestion of food. And there's not much we can do to tweak these inbuilt systems.

You may feel that your world view has suddenly been turned upside down. Haven't we been told forever that if you want to lose weight you have to exercise? Yes we have. But its an overly simplistic view.  Even if you exercise every day, it alone may not be enough to create weight loss as our bodies can attempt to conserve fat reserves by slowing down metabolism after some forms of exercise. Its an evolutionary survival strategy that probably evolved when food supplies weren't nearly as plentiful. On top of that, we all tend to over-eat following exercise by over-estimating how hard we trained and because we really crave food after a workout.


The bottom line is that there are more people exercising than ever before, but what is happening? Global obesity levels are continuing to rise. Currently over 60% of Australians are either overweight or obese. We are getting fatter not thinner. What is going wrong?


The answer is so simple. Its sitting right there on the plate in front of you.


We have been set up to eat lots. Not only do we have a huge array of foods and drinks to choose from, look at how the size of our plates and glasses has ballooned over the past 20 years. Next time you visit a second hand store take note of how much smaller dinner plates were only 40 years ago. Through mass production, food is getting cheaper. The payoff is that it is nutritionally low quality. In first world countries, the poorer you are the more likely you are to be obese. McDonalds and Coca Cola assure us that consuming their calorie laden products is part of a "balanced diet" as long as we exercise. No wonder we're fat!

Are you starting to get the picture? The rest of what I'm going to say will then make complete sense.

I'm not saying that we should not exercise, nor am I saying that its not possible to lose weight. Exercise is essential for a healthy body and brain. Our bodies were designed to be active and its vital that we provide them with that outlet. Exercise has been proven by a myriad of clinical trials to be the single most important factor in preventing diabetes and heart disease, strengthens bones, turns fat into muscle and prevents brain degeneration. Its also essential for weight management.

That all sounds very worthwhile, but that's not why I exercise. Its actually about feeling connected and learning new skills. Exercise gets you out of the house so that you interact with real humans - not your virtual friends on facebook. Joining a community of like minded people working towards a communal goal of self improvement is a far more immediate reward than the health benefits that may accrue as we age. Learning new skills - whether its going upside down on a pole, mastering a somersault in a sling, or memorising choreography - is training your brain as well as your body. Leaving a fitness class on a natural high having mastered a new goal is the best drug I know. Feeling supported by your classmates when they spontaneously acknowledge your success - its priceless.

So this is the philosophy at Miss Fit. Our classes are not a punishment for your latest dietary overindulgence. We are not going to bark at you to push till you puke. Instead, we are there to engage and connect, make friends and learn new skills.  Don't worry, you will be coaxed outside your comfort zone. You will be performing skills that you never thought you would or could ever do - when your mind and body are ready. However, most of the changes will be on the inside. We are teaching CONFIDENCE. Once you really start to believe in yourself, there is nothing you cant do. You'll also discover how to really connect with and appreciate your body for all that it can do. Embrace your new found self awareness, self acceptance and resilience.

The good news is that  we can also help you to LOSE WEIGHT, so that you feel even better about you. These programs really work because we focus on your meal plans and healthy eating habits for the long term.  We offer a range of MAKE OVER PROGRAMS to suit a range of lifestyles and budgets. In each of them you'll receive a CUSTOMIZED  meal plan prepared for you by one of our expert dieticians. These are created to fit in with your weight loss goals and preferences - vegetarians and vegans catered for - as well as any underlying allergies or health issues. If you select the Choose to Lose or VIP programs you'll also have face to face consultations with our dieticians for more detailed advice and support. They will perform baseline measurements so you can track your progress, and ensure that you stay on track. For more details visit MISS FIT MAKE OVERS.

From less than $3.50 a day you can get started on your transformation. 


Its the 80:20 rule. Getting your food intake correct is essential, the exercise component is how you turn fat into muscle. Resistance training or strength building exercises have been proven to be the most effective way to increase your body muscle percentage. Pole dancing classes are the most fun form of resistance training. Not only are you getting strong and fit, but you're also training your brain as you learn new skills and choreography. Even if you feel completely unco-ordinated, your brain is designed to learn. Give it that chance.

Studies have shown that those that successfully lose weight and keep it off follow 3 principles: they follow a calorie restricted diet and avoid fatty foods, they weigh themselves weekly and they exercise regularly. Our dieticians will show you how to make right eating decisions to keep you healthy for the long term.

So whether you wanting a sense of community, a new challenge or a lifestyle transformation, Miss Fit is the studio for you!

With 3 locations we are Sydneys largest group of pole fitness and aerial fitness studios - located at Castle Hill, Artarmon and Taren Point. You'll love our brand new expanded studios at Artarmon and Taren Point, exercise in comfort and style! 

Visit our TIMETABLE PAGE for details on all our classes. Priced from $190- for an 8 week term.






Staying in Sydney for Christmas? Let us entertain you!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Sydney at Christmas time is stunning place to be with our famous fireworks, gorgeous beaches and easier traffic. We have assembled a fantastic range of workshops so you can keep up your fitness and learn some new skills. Our special guest instructor is Felicity Logan who will be sharing her secrets as to how to make yourself a lot more bendy on the floor and the pole. She'll be running workshops at Castle Hill, Artarmon in December and January. Want to learn how to shake your booty? Have a TWerk Out! Always wanted to try HipHop but felt too uncoordinated? Jacinta and Piper will show you how to Wop, Smurf and Robocop with a sexy twist. Throw on your heels and learn a Lady GaGa inspired pole routine with Josie. Wanting to try something seriously sexy? Learn how to seduce in Carla's Burn the Floor, Eva's Floor Flow, Dirty Dancing Lap Dance or Burlesque Bonanza with Sheena Misdemeanour. Take home a routine that you can perform for someone special! Priced from $20- you cant afford to miss them! Read all about it.....

Felicity Logan Workshops:

Felicity is an internationally known competitive pole artist, performer, showgirl, fitness and pole instructor. She has won Best Tricks at Miss Pole Dance UK twice, and is famous for her beautiful fluid lines on the pole. She recently competed at the Pole Theatre World Championships in Prague.

Beautiful Tricks with Felicity

In this workshop she will demonstrate some mesmerising combos and then break them down to make them achievable for you. Learn some new grips and transitions that you may not have tried before. Suitable for intermediate and advanced students, pole elements will be customized to suit the levels in the class.
Monday 9th January 2017 6.30pm ST PETERS Studio

Contortion with Felicity
Felicity will share with you her tips and stretches to increase your bendiness on and off the pole, and assist you with your own flexibility journey. Improving flexibility can be a slow process and we all have different body types, so Felicity will take this into consideration, only safe techniques are taught. To get the most out of this workshop you should be able to perform a basic bridge (yoga backbend). No pole tricks are taught in this class.
Monday 2nd January 2017 8.00pm ARTARMON Studio

Monday 19th December 2016 8.00pm CASTLE HILL Studio 

Monday 9th January 2017 8.00pm St Peters Studio

Elastic Pole with Felicity

This workshop starts with stretching techniques that will prepare your body for some of Felicitys famous flexy moves. She’ll then cover the latest crazy split moves as well as backbends and twisty pole elements. Everything is taught carefully and comfortably to suit all body types so all levels are welcome. Regardless of where you’re at on the pole.
Monday 19th December 2016 6.30pm CASTLE HILL Studio

Monday 2nd January 2017 6.30pm ARTARMON Studio    

These are 90 minute workshops, Each $55-.

To Book Felicity Logan workshops Fill out the online form on the SUMMER SESSIONS PAGE 



TWerk Out with Piper 1 hour class $20

Get Bendy with Piper and AnDre 1 hour class $20-

Behind Blue Eyes Pole Routine with Gabby  90  minute workshop $40-

Go GaGa with Josie 1 hour class $30-

Pole Jams with AnDre , Josie and Angel 90 minute sessions $30-




Sexy HipHop with Jacinta 1 hour class $20-

Burn the Floor with Carla 90 minute workshop $40-

Pole Jams with Eva and Carla 90 minute sessions $30-

Strength and Flex on the Pole with Krystal 90 minute workshop $30-

Contemporary Pole Chorie with Krystal 90 minute workshop $40- 

TWerk Out with Jacinta 1 hour class $20-

Double Trouble with Jacinta 90 minute workshop $40-

Floor Flow with Eva 90 minute workshop $30-




Burn the Floor with Carla 90 minute workshop $40-

Burlesque Bonanza with Sheena 90 minute workshop $40-

Pole Jams with Tam, Sheena and Carla 90 minute sessions $30-

Never Tear Us Apart INXS Pole Routine with Sheena 90 minute workshop $40-

Dirty Dancing Lap Dancing with Sheena 90 minute workshop $40-



Shaping up for summer has never been easier!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Summer's just around the corner - the beach beckons..... keeping yourself fit and fab leading up to the party season has never been easier (-: We have assembled a fantastic choice of classes for you for the upcoming miniterm. Your usual pole favourites will be there - Fundamentals and Chorie - but with a twist! You'll have the opportunity to vote for the routines you'll be learning in your chorie classes. Are you new to pole? Join our intensive 3 week Beginners Pole course and get a taste for pole and learn some new skills.


In addition, we'll be offering beginners Lyra (aerial hoop), an exciting range of dance classes, Burlesque and Static Pole.

The miniterm kicks off from 28th November and we're taking bookings now.



Be part of the action at Miss Fit. We have 3 convenient locations - Artarmon, Castle Hill and Taren Point. Every studio has stunning décor and is an escape from the humdrum of daily life.


"Like" our main Facebook page Miss Fit Pole Dancing - our big events, special offers and some funny cats.

We also have our student group page where you can share anything relevant to your fitness journey - aerial yoga, pole, your flexibility victories or even things you want to sell or swap. Go to Miss Fit Dance Studio - Group and you will be opted in. There are daily updates for special events and classes running at our 4 studios.

We're cockahoop about Lyra!

Always wanted to try lyra (aerial hoop)? We'll be offering Beginner Level Lyra classes at all 4 studios for the miniterm. Work your body and your mind in new ways as you create beautiful poses on the ring. Perfect for aerial yoginis or polers looking for a new challenge!

$95- for the 3 x 1 hour classes, places strictly limited. Book in through our TIMETABLE PAGE.  






Are  you Pole Curious? 

Have you always wanted to try pole but weren't sure about committing to a whole term? We'll be running intensive 3 week Beginners Pole classes starting from 28th November. Learn some new skills while you're toning up. You''ll soon see why polers look soooo fit!

Just $80- for the miniterm. If you also choose to book in for our 8 week beginners pole term starting in January you'll receive a $30- discount off your 8 week term fee (usually $210-). Book yourself in for the miniterm through our TIMETABLE PAGE.  



 Dance as through nobody's watching.......

Dancing makes us come alive! Find your flow and let your body be free! Different instructors bring different styles - Dance with 'Dre to learn his smouldering and sensual floor work, Tam will be offering Body Flow Choreo with a contemporary twist and challenging isolations (no pole), Carla will be teaching her smoking hot Sexy Floor Work - heels and leggings are a must for that class!

Choose multiple classes to save $$, these classes are suitable for all levels, any pole elements can be customized to suit your level.

Details on booking on our TIMETABLE PAGE.


 Flip out in our Slings!!

 Our very popular sling classes - aerial yoga and aerial fitness - will continue through the miniterm. We've kept the classes at the same times so you don't miss your regular sessions. You'll find all the details on our TIMETABLE PAGE.

The miniterm starts from 28th November, and finishes before Christmas. We are taking bookings now. 


 Bump and Grind or Swing and Fling!

Master your reveal and peel, while you channel your inner diva. Strut, pout and seduce with Rocky Le Roux in her Intro to Burlesque at our Taren Point studio.

Does pole make you dizzy? Static Pole is the answer! Apply your pole muscles in new ways as you learn to create spin and flow on a locked pole. Book more than 1 class to save $$$$. Details on the TIMETABLE PAGE


 Need some help? Contact Us.

Not sure which class is right for you? Send us a message through the Contact Us Page of our website or call 0431 244 162

Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit 














What's your biological age?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We all know our actual age, but what is your biological age? Your biological age is an indicator of  how well you are looking after you. It is calculated by measuring the largest (scientifically researched) influences on longevity. It is also skewed towards lifestyle or cultural factors and specifically avoids any genetic biases.

Try the quiz now and see how you go! Click on the link to do the quiz.

Did you get a pleasant surprise or a nasty shock?


Give yourself a love hug if your biological age was less than your actual age - you're on the right path, keep up those healthy habits!

If you were not happy with the results, think about these 5 key areas of your life:

1. How much you sleep

2. What you eat and drink

3. How much you exercise

4. Your relationships/mood

5. Your work

It's no great surprise that if you are not sleeping enough, eating rubbish, live a sedentary lifestyle, are disconnected from your community, and in a job you hate that you are going to look and feel very miserable. While it's not realistic to turn your life around in a day, incremental change is achievable and produces results.  Often problems are interrelated - for example you may not be sleeping well because your diet is poor, you don't exercise, you're addicted to social media, or you're feeling stressed by work. It can all add up to an unhappy life, with no real sense of purpose or achievement, punctuated by bouts of illness. If you can change one aspect of your life, the other factors will start to flip around too. Then healthy habits become a lifestyle and are easy to adopt.

At Miss Fit we continually witness positive life change through empowering exercise, supported by the sense of community that permeates our classes. The benefits are physical and psychological. We have had many students successfully overcome battles with depression, poor self esteem, obesity, and lack of body awareness to become resilient women empowered with self-confidence. This new found self-belief has flow on effects to other areas of life - work, relationships, finances etc.


At our boutique studios, we specialize in pole fitness and aerial yoga. We run small group classes where you receive plenty of teacher attention, and join a community of like-minded women. The mood is non-competitive, friendly and supportive. Not only will you tone up and get fitter, you will develop increased body awareness, and get to make some new friends so that you feel part of a community. With our expert instructors and the group energy in the classes will inspire you to master challenges that you never imagined you would or could ever do.

You don't need to be fit to start our classes, this is how we get fit.

Pole Dancing. We offer 6 STAR levels at Miss Fit from absolute beginner to elite. We all start as beginners (1 STAR),  and each level is the building block for progression up to the next level. By the time you reach 6 STAR you are a high functioning athlete and certified pole addict! Pole dancing is resistance training and will develop your upper body and core strength, as well as adding some sassiness into your day. Much more fun than a gym workout. Let your hair down in a safe female-only class.


Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness. Stretchy fabric slings provide support and incredible versatility in the range of exercises that can be performed. Aerial Yoga is a gentler class with more focus on breathing, body awareness, flexibility, balance and control. Aerial Fitness is a more demanding class designed to improve your upper body and core strength so that you can then perform flips, somersaults and aerial exercises all while safely supported by the slings. Flying is fun! 


Miss Fit MakeOvers. We offer proven programs for those who are wanting guidance with healthy eating habits and exercise. All programs include an 8 week meal plan prepared by our expert dieticians that fits in with your body transformation goals. In the Choose to Lose program you also have face to face consultations with our dieticians so that you receive more mentoring and support, as well as joining our group classes to burn off those unwanted calories and have some fun!  See the results for yourself. All the MakeOver programs are based on the latest scientific research, no gimmicks or expensive supplements to buy.


 Taster Classes for Beginners Pole and Aerial Yoga. Not sure which class is right for you? Come to a Taster Class where you get to try a class without having to commit to a term. Check out the studios, meet a teacher, see if you like it! We have lots of classes for you to choose from. Check out the dates and book yourself in. Don't worry if you're completely unfit or uncoordinated, just try it and see how you go. Why not bring a friend?


Lets get you started and see how many years we can wipe off your biological age!

Term 3 starts from Monday 23rd May and we are taking bookings now! We have 3 locations for you to choose from - Artarmon, Taren Point and Castle Hill. Select your class and pay on-line through our easy to use booking system, no password needed. Discounts apply when you select more than 1 class in the same term. Find the Term 3 Timetables by clicking on this link.

Look forward to meeting you soon!


Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit

actual age 52 years, biological age 29 years.




Healthy Travellors come to Miss Fit, Sydney Australia

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Miss Fit -Sydney


MissFit was opened by Sarah and her partner, John, in 2007. Their first studio was in Castle Hill. They have since gone on to open a further 3, in: St Peter’s, Artarmon and Taren Point.

Sarah is the original Miss Fit and started as a pole dancing student in 2004. John is now a master aerial yoga instructor. Coming from a pole background, Sarah believes that you don’t need any yoga, or even fitness background to fully enjoy aerial yoga.

Before entering the pole and aerial world, Sarah used to be a vet. She now has qualifications in fitness, pole and aerial yoga. It was through a workshop at another pole studio, 2 and a half years ago, where Sarah was introduced to the idea of aerial. She noticed a crossover with pole and liked the way it complimented the sport as it allows you to not only stretch and repair the muscles worked during pole practice, but also enables you to strengthen the muscles needed to progress. She attended instructor workshops straight away and quickly incorporated the practice in her teaching at the studios. Through self-pratice and the development of a curriculum with sling experimentation, Sarah and her partner expanded their knowledge base in order to customise classes depending on the students and their needs. Aerial provides benefits for everyone. It allows those who are pregnant and those joint problems, such as knee and hip, to get in to poses that would be uncomfortable if on a mat. It also acts as a deep body tissue massage which I loved. You could really feel the hammock getting into the knots that build up in your body.

Miss Fit is made up of 4 boutique fitness studios, all with aerial yoga classes available, making it Sydney’s largest group of aerial studios. The emphasis is on men and women looking for a customised fitness experience in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.
Sarah is so strong. I have never seen such amazing upper body strength! Her class was beautifully balanced with strength sequences, both upper and lower body, stretches, inversions and relaxation. I really liked how we were given the option of progression(s) in each pose. The class felt as though it had a purpose; to strengthen and condition your body. It was very well put together, with the stretches being complimentary to the muscle groups worked throughout the class. It was very clear that Sarah knew her stuff and she paid a lot of attention to each individual, providing them with alternatives if needed. I would have loved to try one of the pole classes to see how well the 2 practices work together.

Each studio is decorated with a different styled ceiling. In the St Peter’s studio, where I attended, the aerial room was almost circus themed, with different coloured, striped drapes hanging from the ceiling. In the pole room, there was a large star composed of LED lights, hence it’s nickname, ‘The Star Room.’


Miss Fit use the more elasticated slings. This means that there are multiple attachments rather than just the use of one sling. These include wrist straps and leg slings. I liked working with the different types as it allowed you to work different muscles more deeply and opened up the opportunity to perform more poses.


When I return to Sydney, I will definitely be attending some pole classes, as well as more aerial classes at Miss Fit. They also offer courses as well as casual classes in you were looking to progress with more knowledge. Sarah’s bubbly and open personality reflect through her studios. If you are looking for somewhere with a friendly atmosphere, customised fitness experience and a high standard of teaching, Miss Fit is the place for you.

Tess x





The STARS shine at Miss Fit

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Wow what a week it's been! We have had many guest instructors visit our studios, but I've never seen such an amazing reaction from all those who have been touched by the magic of Marion Crampe. While her exquisite pole routines have brought her much fame, it is her ability to connect on a much deeper level that makes her really stand out, as she gives so much of herself. I feel like we have been visited by an angel. She has sprinkled us with her angel dust which has impacted on us in many different ways. She has a very special energy that connects her with the world so that obstacles disappear and miracles happen. Despite all of this she is incredibly humble, very funny and swears like a trooper!

Feeling blessed with Marion (-: 


What a thrill to be guided into a Rainbow Marchenko, Music Box or to make a breakthrough in your flexibility journey. She dedicated her performance at our St Peters launch party to my 85 year old mum who loves pole, and even included a hospital visit to perform CPR on one of our instructors, lol!


Buoyed with renewed self-confidence, Grad Week should be a breeze! 

What happens in Grad Week:

If you're new to our studios, Grad Week runs each term in week 9 of our term cycle. There is one Grad Night per studio, and they are put on as an opportunity for both students and teachers to showcase what they have been working on during the term. The pressure of performance is a great motivator to really master your chorie and pole technique. Once you get over the nerves, the sense of accomplishment is fantastic! So if you're in 1 STAR or a chorie class in any other level, Grad Night is the goal that you are working towards.

Participation at Grad is purely voluntary, and it is not a pre-requisite to moving up to the next level. If you're not sure if you're ready to move up a STAR level you should have a chat to your instructor. If you're in one of our Fundamentals classes you have a Proficiency Assessment in week 8 so you can see how you're travelling with the curriculum in your level.

In your week 8 Chorie classes, your instructor will confirm who is going to be performing at Grad the following week. We prepare a Certificate of Achievement for all performers. Your class will have had conversations about what everyone is wearing - synchronized Grad outfits look amazing. 

For each of the Grad Nights the protocol is the same. Performers arrive at the studio by 7 pm with hair and make up done, ready to warm up. We all warm up together, and then each of the class groups gets to do 1 run through of their routine during the rehearsal hour. Guests are then welcome to come in from 8 pm, no earlier as we need to rehearse and prepare in private. Following your performance you will be presented with your certificate, and afterwards all the performers have a glass of bubbles and we have a little party.

Please note that we have a NO VIDEO and NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy during the performances for privacy reasons. Your guests can record you during the party following.


We have events on our facebook page for each of the Grad Nights - let us know if you're coming (-: Apart from a great range of pole performances, we offer lucky door prizes - a member of our audience will win a FREE TERM OF CLASSES!

MISS FIT MAKEOVERS - your body transformation

Did you know that we run body transformation programs? Our expert dieticians customize your 8 week meal plan that fits in with your body transformation goals – weight loss, gain muscle, or just get out of bad eating habits. No dieting or fasting! Learn how to keep the weight off forever and how to fuel your body for exercise. These programs really work and will make you feel good about you! No expensive supplements to buy, no tricks or gimmicks.

You can plan your makeover around your Term  classes. We offer a range of programs to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Priced from as little as $3.50/day. Train at home in the convenience of your home, our join our classes to get pushed a little harder! VIP packages with one on one training also available.

Visit our WEIGHT LOSS PAGE for more details.


You can choose from pole dancing, aerial yoga/aerial fitness, or one of our conditioning classes (Bendy Babes or Flexibility and Strength) to help you to gain muscle and burn off calories (-:

You do not need to be fit to start classes at Miss Fit - this is how we get fit!

Hope to see you at the studios soon ((-:

Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit







Blue Phoenix and Marion Crampe at St Peters

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Whether you are wanting to do advanced classes with Chris Talbot, attend a Marion Crampe workshop or come to our launch party – it’s all happening at Miss Fit St Peters studio in February. There are lots of exciting events planned and we’d love you to be part of them!

We’ve now completed the fit-out of the St Peters studio (formerly Haus of Pole) and it looks and feels amazing. You’ll be transported to another world next time you walk through our door – the STAR room sparkles with retro glam, and the Lotus room is zen-like for aerial yoga and stretch classes.


Chris Talbot is back for advanced classes

Keep your Tuesdays free for Blue Phoenix! From Tuesday 9th February we’ll have a 90 minute advanced pole class running from 8 pm. Master your handsprings, shoulder mounts or static Vs, and put them into creative and challenging combos. Chris will teach you safe technique so that you get the results you are looking for without wrecking your body in the process. Be prepared for a solid warm up and conditioning session at the start of the class.

Casual attendance $40-/class, or book for the remaining 5 weeks of the term for $180-. From Tuesday 9th Feb to Tuesday 8th March inclusive.

Booking prior essential – reply to this email to reserve your place.


Marion Crampe Workshops at St Peters

We are extremely excited to be hosting Marion for an afternoon of workshops on Sunday 28th February. She is one of the most loved international pole idols and famous for her flexibility and elegance on the pole. Learn her tips for making YOUR lines more beautiful on and off the pole.

3.00 pm LaCrampe MasterClass - Marion will break down her signature combos and moves into achievable elements and build in progressions for the more advanced students. Suitable for intermediate and higher level students - you need to be able to invert straddle.
90 minute workshop, $80-. 

4.30 pm Twist Your Body – discover the secrets of flexibility in a secure and healthy way, suitable for all levels this is a non-pole workshop. Learn flex techniques from an expert contortionist. Suitable for all levels.60 minutes, $50-.

Both workshops are half full already so book today to avoid disappointment.

Unlike some other studios, when you attend a workshop at Miss Fit you do not share a pole, so that you get to make the most of the experience. Booking and payment prior essential, please be aware that there will be no refunds if you cancel or miss a class.
To reserve your place reply to this email and we'll send you payment info. For more details call Sarah 0431 244 162.


Valentines Day special – a pole class for couples

Make Valentines Day really memorable this year by bringing your partner to a couples pole class. Designed for those who are completely new to pole, we will teach you beginner level pole moves and some things that you can do on the pole together. Dance your heart out to some corny love ballads. We'll film your routine so you can impress your family and friends. Much more memorable than an over-priced bunch of roses! We'll finish up with some celebratory bubbles and Valentines gift.

Saturday 13th February from 4 pm, your fabulous hostess will be Malinda – our pole party queen.

It will run for 75 minutes.

If you’re already a poler you can bust out some more advanced moves to impress your partner. All welcome – hetero or gay.

You do not need to be a current student, but do come as a couple.

$75- per couple, booking and payment prior, reply to this email to book today.

A STAR is Born – and you’re invited to the party!

We’re holding the official launch party for our St Peters studio on Sunday 28th February from 7 pm. We have a STAR studded line up of WORLD CLASS performers including pole idol MARION CRAMPE, Mr Pole Dance Australia runner up ANDRE, Burlesque virtuoso SHEENA MISS DEMEANOUR, as well as teachers from the Miss Fit studios. We will have lots of prizes and special offers for that night only, and you’ll be able to try out our aerial yoga slings – learn how to do a circus sit!

Tickets $20- purchased at the door on the night – your ticket gets you a draw for 2 lucky door prizes – you could win a free term of classes! We will not be serving food or drinks, so pop into the Southern Cross Hotel just next door – great meals there and heaps of parking. Check out our Locations  Page for directions. We'll be all done by 9 pm for those that have to get up early for work the next day.



 Need to contact me? Simply reply to this email or call on 0431 244 162.


Sarah T aka Miss Fit