Day 7 of the Dieting Pole Dancing

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today was interesting, I knew the weekends would be harder with this diet as there it not routine to the day, and often I’m out with friends.

This weekend I also had a friend’s birthday party, which was reflective of a childhood party with lots of chocolates and sweets and nibbles. We all got dressed up and had lots of fun. I had known this day was coming so I had planned it as my treat meal, allowing myself some leniency with the food. What I hadn’t expected was the lack of guilt that came with eating the chocolates and cookies. I didn’t gorge myself, but a had a few sweet treats and some savory ones. My only though was, well I just want to have fun, and there was no guilt. I feel guiltier eating the fat free ice-cream at night then I did eating sugar laden cookies. The only thing that stopped me eating more was that I had to go straight from the party to a 1 ½ hour corrie class and didn’t want the food to come back up while spinning round the pole.

This lack of concern does worry me a little, if it was so easy for me to eat junk food today, how easy will it be for me to do it again. Or to do it every day. “It just a little thing”, I’d tell myself, “it won’t hurt”. But that’s when the bad habits come back to haunt us.

So tomorrow I’m going to have to be extra good and I don’t think I’ll plan for treat meals next week. Not until I can control the part of my brain that doesn’t care what goes in my body and replace it with something that thinks before it eats.


Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: a carrot
Lunch: Party Food
Dinner: Chicken zucchini, carrots, leaks, baby potatoes
Supper: fat free ice-cream

One and a half hour corrie pole class

Day 6 of the Dieting Pole dancer

Monday, October 15, 2012

I don’t know if it was the cold weather today or the rain but by lunchtime I was starving, more so then I’d been at any other point in this diet. I know part of the problem was my timing, I have a three hour shift on Wednesday and Friday from 11:30-2:30 when I can’t stop to eat, so lunch was eaten closer to 3pm. I ended up having pasta again as it’s more filling then a sandwich and the tomato and tuna sauce was actually quite nice with it. I also had two glasses of water, as water makes you feel fuller faster, but it didn’t help!

I was still hungry after lunch that I ended up having my supper for a snack, but then was good and had my snack for supper.

Hearing all this talk of people loosing a decent amount of weight in the first week is mildly discouraging, as I’ve lost nothing! I know its different for everyone and that with any luck I’ll be loosing weight later but I do worry sometimes as I’ve never found it easy to loose weight.

Tonight was my first FLEX class for the term, I don’t know how but I’ve somehow lost flexibility and strength in the nearly two-week break I’ve had from dance, especially in my side splits. It’s going to be hard work to get it back but I’m sure my three classes a week will help me out!

I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Diets are easier in warmer weather ;-)


Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Yoghurt with berries
Lunch: Pasta with a tuna and tomato sauce
Snack: Fat free ice-cream
Dinner: Chicken and tomatoes with pasta and chili
Supper: vege sticks

Exercise: One-hour FLEX pole class

Day 5 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today was torturous, I had to make my favorite biscuits for my friend’s party on the weekend, White Chocolate and Raspberry and Milk Chocolate with Blueberry and Mulberry. These biscuits are amazing but have so much sugar in them that I rarely make them. I had to pour rivers of sweetened condensed milk and mounds of caster sugar, mix it all up and I couldn’t even lick the bowel! Then the mixing of the choc chips without even a nibble! I was good but it was really hard!
I ended up cutting up some veges so I was nibbling on something while baking. Otherwise it just didn’t feel right!

Buying all these berries and cottage cheese and extra stuff that I wouldn’t normally get is starting to get expensive though! The cup of berries every day is at least a punnet of strawberries, and even more of blueberries and at around $3 a punnet it’s starting to hurt. It would be easier if the fruit we ate was all locally seasonal but most of these are not quite in season in Sydney yet so we’re currently paying a higher price.

Anyone know the best place to get good cheap fruit? I’ve been told that Harris Farm was pretty good, any other ideas?

On the up side I had my first dance class for the term! Hurrah I’m back at dance and learning new moves. I’ve gone up a level for fundies this term and there are all these new moves and names to remember. Also the new sore spots and bruises. I admit I have a few new bruises forming already;-) but to me that just a mark of the hard work we all put in.

Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Yoghurt with berries
Lunch: Pasta with a tuna and tomato sauce
Snack: vege sticks
Dinner: Chicken and kale, zuchinni and broadbeens with sweet potato
Supper: Fat free ice-cream

One-hour fundies pole class


Day 4 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Friday, October 12, 2012

I finally did it! Six meals in one day…

Sounds odd but it’s not an easy thing, I think the hardest thing was having the ice-cream for desert. I felt guilty after being healthy all day coming home and eating ice-cream. Also anyone know if the flavor of the ice-cream matter? Can we have chocolate fat free ice-cream or it that pushing it too far.

I was naughty for a second though, I was having dinner out with friends at a place that I often waitress at. I snuck into the kitchen to make my own salad, making sure I kept it healthy. My naughtiness came from forgetting the diet and falling into automatic habits. Without even thinking I accepted a glass of wine. I was three sips in when I suddenly thought “CRAP DIET”! I did behave myself then and stopped drinking the wine and went back to my glass of water. It wasn’t as nice but it was healthier for me.

Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Vege sticks
Lunch: Salad with a piece of toast
Snack: Yoghurt with berries
Dinner: Chicken and salad
Supper: Fat free ice-cream
Half hour of stretching (the long drive had locked my muscles up!)


Day 3 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So I think I’m getting the hang of this diet, I’ve leant that it’s a low calorie diet that we’re working from. With select fruit and veges, some carbohydrates from bread, rice or pasta, then yoghurt and milk for dairy and a bit of meat or tuna, We’re also suppose to eat every three hours to keep our metabolism going.

Today I managed to eat almost at the right times with the right foods. My only issue was dinner and supper because I was driving back to Sydney, but this time I planned in advance and had a punnet of blueberries and my left over snow peas for snacks, much better for me!

Oddly the one thing I find I’m missing are my nuts, I use to always snack on almonds and have peanut butter on my toast thinking I was being healthy. Without them I’m finding I still feel a bit hungry even though I’ve eaten enough. I think it’s just a habit, which I’ll slowly be breaking.

I can’t wait till Thursday when my dance class starts back for the term, it’s hard to wait all week to start dancing again. I call my classes my sanity break, a time where I get to exercise just for me with some good friends and great laughs. Every lesson is a challenge and whenever I get a move right I almost feel like breaking out in a little grinning jig, it’s a great feeling.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be just as good as I was today and follow this diet though.


Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Berries with yoghurt
Lunch: Stir-fry tofu and veges 
Snack: Berries, snow peas and coffee
Dinner: chicken, potatoes and salad
Walking to and from work (20mins each way)
Sitting for three hours in a car… again…

Day 2 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The morning started out great. I’m loving that I’m still allowed coffee. Believe me when I say no coffee, no life, I use to have people at work not talk to me until they’d seen me with a half drunk coffee in my hand. I’m also being really good and having black coffee with a dash of milk rather then my usual soy latte.

By 12:30 though I had to drive to Canberra, a three hour drive on a straight road with nothing to do but sing along to the radio. Usually this is when I would treat myself and buy a pack of the Natural Confectionery to chew on the way just to keep me focused, at least that was my excuse.

Today however I had three carrots and a health bar I’d been given, called natural energy ball. I know the health bars aren’t on the snack list but there was no way I could eat a tub of ricotta while driving. Also it was a Ginseng one, good for the immune system, although it kinda looked like smooched up pesto, all green and squishy, but oddly tasted chewy but nice.

While driving to Canberra I was good and refused to stop at any of the fast food places or restaurants along the way, unfortunately as I was in such a rush to leave I’d forgotten my lunch and so went with only my snacks to munch on.

Dinner was easy with a fresh vege stirfry with tofu, no meat but tasty all the same. I’ve also bought more berries and snacks for work tomorrow so I’ll be more organized and better at sticking to the plan.

This whole meal plan thing might be trickier then I thought…

Breakfast: Yoghurt and berries/coffee
Snack: Berries
Lunch: Oops, driving to Canberra
Snack: Ginseng bar and Carrots
Dinner: Stir-fry tofu and veges
Supper: Still no low fat ice-cream…
Sitting for three hours in a car munching on carrots!


The Dieting Dancer - Day 1

Monday, October 08, 2012


Day One

Breakfast: Yoghurt and berries
Snack: Ops forgot that
Lunch: Chicken and Halumi Salad
Snack: Carrots and berries (not at the same time)
Dinner: Greekish Salad and a slice of bread
Supper: Forgot to buy the low fat icecream…

Walking to the pub! (That counts right???)

So it’s Day One of the diet, and I’m already wondering how I’m going to make my next meal. Yesterday we all went to the studio to be weighed in. We stood against walls while our height was taken, quickly looked away while we stood on scales, were bemused by pen art being created on our bodies while seemingly random numbers were read out, then we were photographed… all I can say if at least there were no head shots… Finally we were given three sheet of paper to which our next 8 weeks of food will be planned off and politely told that’s it, good luck.

So today I’m looking at this list all bemused while wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into.

I guess I should give you a little background to what I’m doing and why, but firstly let me get out my disclaimers. I am not a doctor, I am not in the medical, nutritional or any health field, so everything I write here is my own thoughts with the nutrition expertise of dietician Chantelle Wardini from Bites Health Clinic. Ok that’s done…

So to get back to the point, one of my main joys in life is my dance class, I do pole dancing at Miss Fit Dance Studio and I love it! No I’m not a professional dancer, just a dedicated amateur who loves to swing round a pole three times a week for fitness and fun.

A little while ago Miss Fit and Bites came up with the idea of a clinical trial to see how pole dancing works with weight loss and fitness and I decided to sign up.

So here I am still staring at this list trying to work out if beef jerky actually still exists and how many punnets of strawberries I need to make up a cup. Sadly it’s evening now and my first day didn’t go very well.

Breakfast I thought was good with yoghurt and berries, until I check the list again and saw that was a snack not a breakfast. Added to this it was my friends birthday lunch at the pub. I tried to be good and order the healthiest thing I could, a chicken salad, but there was haloumi on it, and I know I should have put it aside (no cheese allowed) but it just sat there crying out to be eaten… Dinner was better, a kind of Greek Salad (without the cheese) but with chicken for the protein, and a slide of bread with some garlic on it.

So while not a perfect day, it was a start to get me use to the diet, or at least that’s my excuse. Tomorrow I’ll do better…


What happens in a Miss Fit Pole Dancing Class?

Friday, October 05, 2012

We’ve all been to classes at the gym, maybe yoga or dance classes. You turn up, jostle for a place and go through the motions, often in a quite impersonal and anonymous manner. There is usually pretty limited interaction between you and the instructor. If you’ve come with a friend you may have someone to chat with, or there may be a familiar face in the class that you share a few words with. Then you head off, same routine each week.

A pole dancing class is quite different. Firstly, it’s for women only. No sweaty guys to perve at you. Secondly the classes are smaller. Everyone needs to have a pole to use, so most classes only have around ten students. Thirdly, your teacher knows your name and engages with you. The teacher-student bond in a pole class is far closer than other fitness classes. When you advance to the higher levels you will need to be “spotted” on the pole. This means that the teacher will actually support you when you’re upside down, for your security and safety.

I clearly remember my first pole lessons, at one of Sydneys original pole dancing studios. I was so nervous, shaking like a leaf, and thinking “What on earth am I doing here?” However, that initial uncertainty soon passed and I was hooked! I haven’t taken a break from dance pole for more than 2 weeks since – and that was 7 years ago.

In our classes at Miss Fit Dance Studio, we encourage the students to share a bit of information about themselves, and it’s amazing how frequently students realize that they know people in common, or work in the same company or profession. This helps to develop a sense of camaraderie and trust in the classes. We are all there trying to make ourselves stronger and more capable on a dance pole. It is non-competitive, it’s not a race, and there’s no room for prima donnas. Most importantly we all support each other. There are great moments of triumph when a problem move is finally mastered and the class acknowledges that achievement. There are also lots of laughs in the class, sometimes we just stuff up a move, and it’s pretty hilarious. We’ve all done that!

Each week is different. In a choreography class, not only are you learning how to spin around a pole with grace and elegance, but the pole moves are incorporated into a dance routine. Each class you’re learning something new as you progress through and perfect that routine. At Miss Fit we want everyone to feel that they have the option to perform. Other studios only have their senior students or teachers performing publicly. We know that we’re not all going to be world champions – it doesn’t matter. If you enjoy doing something and want to grasp that opportunity we feel that you should be able to perform. We love the fact that students of all ages shapes and sizes are confident enough to participate in a Grad performance. However, it’s also a great motivator to make sure that you’ve got it all mastered! Also a public performance is an excuse to buy a new outfit and dress up. At Miss Fit it’s not a test, it’s all voluntary and purely for fun. At the same time, you also prove to yourself that you really can do it!

Pole dancing classes are primarily pole fitness classes, so you wear exercise gear. Shorts and a top are fine. You need to have the skin exposed from your knees down, so no full length leggings. Also, don’t drape yourself in jewelry, rings especially can get in the way. Heels are optional, and generally only appear after a few weeks of classes, but bare feet are easier. As we’re gripping on to a slippery pole it’s also important to not apply moisturiser to your hands or legs just before a class. We provide moisturizer in the studio so you can soften your hands after each class.

For many of us, pole dancing becomes an addiction, a lifestyle. The classes are the highlight of our week. We really look forward to catching up with our class mates. Some of the friendships have developed into shared living arrangements, overseas travel, and lots of get togethers for Friday night drinks. We all share something special – pole dancing.

Come visit our Facebook page Miss Fit Pole Dancing and see what our teachers and students get up to.

Tell us a little about your classes.

Miss Fit
(AKA Sarah T)