taster Classes

Want an opportunity to "Try before you buy?" We offer inexpensive taster classes for our popular Pole, Aerial Sling & Aerial Hoop (Lyra) programs at all of our studios. As one of Sydney’s largest group of boutique fitness studios, we offer classes suitable for the absolute beginner through to the totally addicted :-)

All Taster Classes $20 (NOTE - Kids Aerial only $10) - If you then choose to join the following Terms classes after your "Taster" we'll discount the $20 off your term fees. So you will be getting a FREE CLASS!

Pole dancing is a very effective way to develop upper body and core strength, plus the dance elements improve your cardio fitness. Most importantly it is fun! You will get to learn pole lifts and spins that you never imagined you would or could do. Wear bare feet or heels – it doesn’t matter – the mood of the classes is non-judgemental and very supportive. You can check out our studios, meet an instructor and have a chat about what it's like to join the Miss Fit community. You do not need to have a dance back ground, we will teach you the moves to make you look great. Each Taster Class runs for 1 hour. No fitness experience needed.

Miss Fit run more Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness classes each week than any studio in Sydney. Our qualified instructors will take you through a progression of exercises suitable to your level of fitness. The more comfortable, stretch material Aerial Yoga slings allow you the freedom to perform many different types of asanas while suspended in the air. Great for strengthening, improving flexibility and balance, as you get more confident in the slings you will be performing somersaults and inversions, with the sling safely supporting you. Each class finishes with a nurturing relaxation session in the sling hammock. Each Taster Class runs for 1 hour. No previous yoga experience is required.


Pole Taster Classes
Mon May 13, 6.00pm
Tues May 14, 8.30pm
Thurs May 16, 7.30pm
Mon May 20, 6.00pm
Tues May 21, 8.30pm
Thurs May 23, 7.30pm
Mon May 27, 6.00pm
Tues May 28, 8.30pm
Thurs May 30, 7.30pm

Aerial Sling Taster Classes
Fri May 10, 6.00pm (Air Yoga)
Mon May 13, 6.00pm (Air Fitness)
Tues May 14 8.30pm (AF)
Fri May 17, 6.00pm (AY)
Mon May 20, 6.00pm (AF)
Tues May 21, 8.30pm (AF)
Fri May 24, 6.00pm (AY)
Mon May 27, 6.00pm (AF)
Tues May 28, 8.30pm (AF)

Lyra Taster Classes
Tues May 14, 6.30pm
Wed May 15, 7.30pm
Thurs May 16, 8.30pm
Tues May 21, 6.30pm
Wed May 22, 7.30pm
Thurs May 23, 8.30pm
Tues May 28, 6.30pm
Wed May 29, 7.30pm
Thurs May 30, 8.30pm
Pole Taster Classes
Mon May 13, 6.00pm
Tues May 14, 7.00pm
Wed May 15, 8.30pm
Mon May 20, 6.00pm
Tues May 21, 7.00pm
Wed May 22, 8.30pm
Mon May 27, 6.00pm
Tues May 28, 7.00pm
Wed May 29, 8.30pm

Aerial Sling
Mon May 13, 10.00am (Air Yoga)
Tues May 14, 11.00am (AY)
Fri May 17, 11.00am (Air Fitness)
Fri May 17, 6.00pm (AF)
Sat May 18, 10.30am (AF)
Mon May 20, 10.00am (AY)
Tues May 21, 11.00am (AY)
Fri May 24, 11.00am (AF)
Fri May 24, 6.00pm (AY)
Sat May 25, 10.30am (AF)
Mon May 27, 10.00am (AY)
Tues May 28, 11.00am (AY)

Lyra Taster Classes
Tues May 14, 12.00 Noon
Thurs May 16, 7.10pm
Fri May 17, 7.10pm                              
Sat May 18, 11.30am
Tues May 21, 12 Noon
Thurs May 23, 7.10pm
Fri May 24, 7.10pm
Sat May 25, 11.30am
Tues May 28, 12 Noon
Thurs May 30, 7.10pm

  Pole Taster Classes

Wed May 8, 8.30pm
Thurs May 9, 7.30pm
Mon May 13, 6.30pm
Wed May 15, 8.30pm
Thurs May 16, 7.30pm
Mon May 20, 6.30pm
Wed May 22, 8.30pm
Thurs May 23, 7.30pm

Aerial Sling
Sat May 11, 8.30am (Air Yoga)
Sat May 11, 9.30am (Air Fitness)
Tues May 14, 7.30pm (AF)
Tues May 14, 8.30pm (AY)
Sat May 16, 8.30am (AY)
Sat May 16, 9.30am (AF)
Tues May 21, 7.30pm (AF)
Tues May 21, 8.30pm (AY)

Lyra Taster Classes
Tues May 14, 7.30pm
Wed May 15, 6.30pm
Sat May 18, 10.30am
Tues May 21, 7.30pm
Wed May 22, 6.30pm
Sat May 25, 10.30am
Tues May 28, 7.30pm
Wed May 29, 6.30pm
I've tried every class offered - Pole Classes, Aerial Yoga and their Flexibilty and Strength class - and loved every one. The teachers are fantastic - always friendly and helpful, and they always make you feel safe when trying out a tricky new move. The studio is beautifully furnished and spacious, and the girls who attend the classes are always supportive and friendly. The classes provide a great workout, huge confidence boost and are a whole lot of fun. Love, love, love it!
SL April 2015

Thank you for having a studio where age is no barrier and strength is applauded. I feel like I have started a whole new life since beginning at Missfit. I was over 30, had a baby on the boob and another running around, was 15 kilos heavier and didn’t think much of myself outside being a mother. NOW I have so much. And it’s not a selfish sport, everyone has benefited from my new found health and confidence.

JL May 2015

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