Miss Fit Instructors

Our Instructors are professionals – qualified pole fitness instructors, personal trainers, qualified aerial yoga instructors, gymnastics coaches, dancers and professionally trained teachers. Most have come through our ranks starting as beginner 1 STARs.

As well as our teachers undergoing our comprehensive teacher training program, they are variously Certified by the IPDFA (International Pole Dancing Fitness Association), PFA (Pole Fitness Association) and have completed the reknown elavaTED and are constantly updating their skills as performers and teachers.


Rosie is the newest addition to the Miss Fit team. Accepting the title of Branch Manager - you can see from her pic that she takes her role seriously.

Her duties include Customer Relations, warm up partner and student motivation. She responds to all compliments with a wagging tail and a lick - though, any complaints may be handled in the same manner. 

Keep an eye out for her in your studio, she will definitely come and say hello. Her fave outfit is her red bling Tutu - pic to follow.

Miss Fit

Dr Sarah aka Miss Fit is living proof that pole dancing is all about attitude and not about age! Only discovering pole dancing when over 40, Sarah found her niche straight away and rapidly progressed up through the levels. This was without a background in dance or gymnastics, just an enjoyment of exercise. One day she had an epiphany with her partner John, and they decided to set up their own location, thus the first Miss Fit Dance Studio was born. 

Several years later, running the studios and teaching pole fitness keeps her very fit, happy and energized. Realizing the life changing and extremely positive impacts that pole dancing has on the lives of so many women is one of the most rewarding aspects the Miss Fit adventure.

She loves the challenge of continual self-improvement and has performed at the Encore Sydney Pole Shows and is the hostess and regular performer at their studios Grad Nights. Miss Fit is a certified Advanced Fly Gym teacher and graded as an Advanced Pole Fitness Teacher by the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association - IPDFA. Miss Fit has successfully completed the ElevatED Instructor Training under the guidance of Marlo Fisken (USA). As the master teacher at our studios, Miss Fit ensures that we exceed international best practice principles with our curriculum and teacher standards.

When Sarah is not pole dancing she can be found regularly saving little furry lives as a Dr of Veterinary Science.


AnDre has been pole dancing for several years. After his first class there was no looking back. Despite no dance or gymnastics background, AnDre is known for his Grace & Style on the floor and his Strength & Control on the pole. He's our Dark Prince of Pole with his performance style usually dark and theatrical.

AnDre has won numerous amateur competitions and was the runner-up at Mr Pole Dance 2014 and finalist in Mr Pole Dance 2013, 2015 & 2016. He performs, teaches and competes internationally and has a large social media following.
AnDre brings not only his passion, strength and poise and the love of our sport but also flair and a profound understanding of correct technique to all his classes. He is also a qualified personal trainer.


Angel has been pole dancing for several years and has been with Miss Fit since we first opened, first as a student then as a teacher. Angel's dance background prior to pole was on the ballroom dancing stage. She brings grace, strength, skill and the great ability to make the hardest moves seem simple, not only in her own routines but also for the students she teaches.

She has performed at Encore! Sydney Pole Show and was a Finalist in the Pole Stars Competition.
Angel has successfully completed the ElevatED Instructor Training under the guidance of Marlo Fisken (USA) and is a qualified Fly Gym instructor for aerial exercise.

Outside of the pole studio Angel is a mum to two beautiful daughters and she credits pole dancing with helping her body snap back into shape after pregnancy. Angel runs our popular Mums and Bubs classes at our Castle Hill studio. She ensures you get a great work out but she never loses sight that pole dancing is fun and enjoyable. Her classes are full of laughs, high fives and cherry ripes.


Bec is the "Sporty Spice Girl" of Miss Fit She's a human dynamo with a personality to match. She 's reknown for her strength and flexibility.

Since joining Miss Fit, she has developed her dance and pole skills to competition level, representing at Miss Pole Dance, Pole Games, Encore and winning many local pole comps.

She brings her passion and thorough understanding of pole technique to all her classes

Brianna Bluebell

Brianna Bluebell is a Miss Burlesque Australia winner and a star of the stage with years of combined experience both in dance and burlesque. She has a passion for passing on her love of dance and the connection it has to her stylish Burlesque performances.

Join Brianna Bluebell for a journey into the steamy world bump and grind. Imagine yourself as a sultry seductress in a smokey bar favoured by miscreants. Learn how to tantalize and surprize with feather fans, gloves and your eyes….

Wear your exercise gear, but bring along a few props – a hat or shirt to remove, and your heels of course! Brianna will create the mood and the moves to make it happen. 


Carla started pole dancing 5 years ago and knew she would love pole dancing before she even tried it. Despite having no dance or gymnastics background, Carla has progressed steadily and is known for her captivating and sensual performance style. Carla has competed in several amateur pole dancing competitions including;
Miss North Shore Pole Princess 2014 - winner judges choice,
Dance Filthy 2015 - second runner up and,
Sexy's Back 2015 - Finalist.
...and has featured in several music videos.

Carla is passionate about continually developing her repertoire of moves and performance style. She is devoted to helping her students reach their own pole dancing goals safely and effectively. Carla is a graphic designer by day and enjoys weight training when she's not in the studio pole dancing. Carla’s favourite things about pole dancing is that it allows her the opportunity to express herself through dance and also gives her an excuse to buy heels.


Eva never saw herself as a dancer until she started at Miss Fit in 2011 with a few close friends for a bit of fun. Little did she know how much it would completely change her body and how her passion for pole would grow into a healthy addiction.

She enjoys maintaining a mix between strength, fitness and flexibility. She loves being able to help her students reach their goals, and supporting them in their journey at Miss Fit. Eva focuses on bringing positivity, energy and progression to all her classes.


Ivanka believes all fitness should be fun and has a background in dance and gymnastics. She has been involved with fitness all her life: coaching gymnastics and working in fitness clubs both in Sydney and overseas. Pole was a natural progression when she found herself in her first class in 2013 and was immediately smitten with the sport. Now she loves sharing her knowledge and love for pole with her students in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

Ivanka credits pole and aerial yoga to her pre and post pregnancy fitness. She could not wait to get back to the studio after the birth of her first child!
Relevant Qualifications:
Sport Science Degree
Group Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
Gymnastics Coach
ElevatED Pole Instructor


Dance is Jacintas happy place. "When I am dancing I feel alive, I feel free and I feel like it's all I want to be doing".
She's a people person, and relates to women really well. One of Jacintas favourite things about teaching a class is seeing her students gain confidence and strength. Watching them achieve what they work hard for is such a great reward.

Jacinta has danced since the age of three. As a child she learnt ballet, tap and jazz. She knew from a young age she wanted to teach. She would choreograph routines and teach them to her friends, and then perform them at school assemblies.




Having started dance classes at a young age, Jess found Pole Dancing and has been at Miss Fit Dance Studio ever since. She has performed as finalist at Pole Games, at Encore! Sydney Pole Show and finalist in many local comps.

What she loves most about Pole Dancing is that you can bring any style of dance into a routine. She loves to incorporate Contemporary moves into her choreography. She likes to ensure every student will get to experience a range of dance styles.

Her favourite reward with teaching is watching her students develop into amazing dancers - seeing the changes from week one through to week eight and continuing on as they move up to the next level.



John has been involved with sport and exercise through most of his life including League, Surf Lifesaving and, until opening Miss Fit with his partner Sarah, competing in triathlons. Having not started pole until his forties, John is an example of late bloomer. He loves the motivation that Aerial Exercise & Pole brings to the students, teachers and himself. 

His passion is to help those students who want to improve their fitness & strength, improve their abilities on the pole or in the sling. Helping students achieve their goals and thereby improving their personal confidence is Johns continual aim.
John is a certified Master Fly Gym instructor and a Beginners Pole Fitness Teacher certified by the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association - IPDFA.

John teaches our FaST Boys, Lyra & Fly Gym based aerial yoga, aerial exercise and pole and sling classes. While he makes his classes exciting and he will ensure that you feel his workouts the next day.


Krystal has had a meteoric success with pole dancing. She has always had a love for movement and fitness and has trained and taught in a wide range of dance styles including Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and Latin American. She has taught at Miss Fit since 2012. As an experienced yoga practitioner, Krystal also loves applying those techniques to her aerial yoga classes.

Krystal continues to challenge herself through self-exploration on the pole gathering experience through training with our teachers, performances at Encore and specialist workshops.
She is also an early childhood teacher who teaches children by day and is a mother of two boys!



Monique's enthusiasm, dedication and passion to the aerial arts is clearly evident when you first meet her. Monique present a beautiful flowing style that combines contemporary floor work with her outstanding aerial style.

Actively performing and competing Monique loves bringing out the passion, with a specific eye for detail



Piper has a gymnastics background with hip hop experience. After her first class over 4 years ago, there was no looking back. Piper is known for her attention to detail when learning any new move and her dedication to flexibility. Her lyrical, contempary, hip hop style infused with gymnastics is inspired by her pole idols Sergia Louise Anderson and Marlo Fisken - whom she trained with to become a qualified elevatED instructor.

Piper has competed in Melbourne Pole Games 2014, Miss Pole ACT 2015 and performed at Encore 2015 with the VertiGirls. She has also performed at numerous venues in ACT and Victoria.
Piper brings not only her passion, dedication and poise and the love of our sport but also flair and a profound understanding of correct technique to all her classes.

Sammy C

Sammy C is a regular on the competition circut. Having placed or been a finalist in most competitions she has entered. Renown for her strength and dance style. She has performed as finalist at Pole Candy, Hard Core, Pole Superstars, Halloween Heaven, Podium Goddess, Encore! Sydney Pole Show and many more. Sammy has even placed on the podium at the Natural Body Building Awards with out any specific training apart from pole. A true testament to working hard to achieve your goals.

With Pole Dancing Sammy brings many style of dance into her routine. She loves to incorporate Contemporary moves into her choreography as well some sexy moves. She likes to ensure every student will get to experience a range of dance styles.

Her favourite reward with teaching is motivating her students to develop into amazing dancers - seeing the changes from week one through to grad night and continuing on as they move up to the next level.



Svetlana started pole dancing in 2009 and has never looked back. Since the age of three she has participated in elite level gymnastics, taking out many titles including the National Championship in 2002 and Best Junior Elite Gymnast in 2003. She has also studied ballet and contemporary dance. She is a qualified gymnastics and fitness instructor and was teaching gymnastics and acrobatics for seven years before moving to instructing pole. She has been a place getter at a range of pole competitions and has performed at Encore! Sydney Pole Show.

Affectionately referred to as the "Little General" around the studio due to her attention to detail. Sveti is a popular instructor bringing a combination of passion, expertise and discipline to her classes which her students love.

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