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How we are making your studios Covid Safe:

* Staggered class times
* Restricted Class numbers
* Students and instructors will require proof of Covid 19 Vaccination
* Extra hand sanitizing stations
* Contactless temperature checking
* Social distancing requirements exceeded
* Equipment disinfected every class
* BYO equipment where possible
* No sharing of equipment
* Mask wearing as required by health orders
* Studios cleaned regularly
* No congregating
* Train at home class options for students that are sick or need to self-quarantine
* Detailed student attendance records info
These protocols are the requirements of the Covid-19 Safety Plans required by the NSW Government.

You don’t need to be fit to start! Level 1, all levels welcome!

When you attend classes at Miss Fit you are joining a group of like-minded people all seeking an empowering fitness experience. You will meet pole dancing enthusiasts and professionals alike. We have introductory courses like our pole dancing for beginners and aerial hoop for beginners. The mood of our classes is supportive and non judgemental. You’ll build trust and camaraderie with your classmates as you all work toward your goals throughout a term. Fitness will increase your upper body and core strength whilst Pole Dancing will also help you develop movement and your dance skills. It’s the ultimate form of resistance training and you’ll definitely see and feel a change in your arms and abs. Aerial Yoga is a holistic exercise that will increase your body awareness, balance, flexibility and strength. In our Aerial Fitness classes you will be taken through dynamic sequences to improve your strength, and will soon be mastering flips and somersaults and aerial elements while safely supported by the slings. Lyra (Aerial Hoop) challenges your inner performer in the circus arts, while you learn beautiful poses, hangs and sequences on the hoop. All will have a positive impact on your self-confidence and body image.

Experience the thrill of anti-gravity yoga in our comfortable stretchy yoga hammocks. Aerial Yoga is a holistic training for body awareness, relaxation, core activation and deep stretches. Aerial Fitness will improve your upper body and core strength so you can master acrobatic elements while safely supported by the slings.

Pole Dancing for Beginners

Although many people may associate pole dancing with professional-grade performance artists, who perform impossibly death-defying contortions under flawless spotlights, pole dancing classes for beginners are an equally wonderful pursuit. Everyone begins their journey somewhere, and the best way to start is in one of our fun, supportive pole dancing classes. Here, you will find that our talented and world-class instructors are available to assist you with their extensive knowledge, helpful demonstrations, and supportive, fun attitude. You may be learning one of the world’s most demanding of art forms, but you will be too busy having fun to notice the effort. Instead, watch yourself change for the better.

Pole Class Curriculum

Our pole dancing course is just one of the disciplines we offer. We are also Sydney’s largest provider of aerial yoga, Lyra, and aerial fitness classes. Perhaps your yoga practice leaves you striving to get even higher up in the air. Try an aerial fitness course at Miss Fit. Aerial yoga, Lyra, and aerial fitness classes are sure to get your heart racing and satisfy your thirst for an elevated approach to your fitness routine. As upright creatures, it is wonderful to spend some time upside down on a regular basis. With aerial yoga, you will discover enhanced focus and stress relief in addition to improved muscle tone, flexibility, and mood.

Pole at Any Age

Just as pole fitness is not just reserved only for the professionals, the art form is also open to people of all ages. Children are natural pole dancers and climbers, and age is just a number when it comes to pole work. Some even say that pole and aerial arts can help turn back the hands of time. People in different stages of life always have something special to offer in a pole dancing class.

Pole dancing has countless physical and mental health benefits, including weight loss and improved confidence. But unlike going to the dreaded gym or putting on those jogging shoes, you will always look forward to your pole dancing classes with the enthusiasm of a little kid.

If you are curious about the exciting world of aerial and pole arts, try a pole dancing lesson. We welcome you to try a taster class to see what is right for you and your goals. For a reduced price, explore classes on a try-before-you-buy basis and discover the path to your next great passion!

Are you ready to embark on your pole dancing journey right now? Contact us today!

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness with Miss Fit

Pole & Burlesque Parties

Our parties are a great way to let your hair down with your GFs, learn some fun pole moves and a short burlesque routine. Speak with our planner to help customise your event. Options include, topless male waiters, life drawings, male entertainers.

You dont need any dance or pole experience to have a great time and learn something new with our gorgeous hostesses. Our parties run for 90 minutes so you have plenty of time to learn some tricks, a cute routine and to get some great pics! Your hostess will then sit you down with some bubbles and perform a spellbinding pole routine just for you.

Looking for something a bit more zen? We can also run an aerial yoga party! You and your friends will experience the thrill of anti-gravity exercise, stretches and finish with a nurturing cocoon in the yoga hammocks. No yoga or fitness experience needed. Click on the link below for pricing and to make a booking inquiry.

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Class Range

Pole Fitness, Pole Dancing, Conditioning, Flexibility, Contortion, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Lyra, Mums and Bubs, Kids Aerial Sling, Teen Lyra, Burlesque and Private classes.

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