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5 Best Office Chair Workouts

Monday, August 14, 2017

1. Sneaky Buns and Guns:

You wouldn’t know simply by looking at it, but this small-range-of-motion exercise is great for firing up the inner thighs, glutes, and triceps.

How to do it: Start on the edge of the chair, knees bent and together with feet flat on the floor, hands just outside of hips, and elbows slightly bent. Squeeze knees and “cheeks” together tightly while pushing down with hands, extending elbows (you’ll sit taller, but you should never leave your seat). Release. Do 30 quick reps in a row.

2. Magic Carpet Ride:

The “Magic Carpet Ride” works your core and arms.

How to do it: Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat. Then place your hands on the armrests, suck in your gut and raise yourself a few inches above the seat, using your belly, muscles and hands. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

3. The Wooden Leg:

For lower-body strength, try the “Wooden Leg.”

How to do it: Sit in your chair. Extend one leg out straight in front of you. Hold for two seconds. Then raise it up as high as you can, and hold it again for two seconds. Repeat with each leg 15 times.

4. Arch and Twist: 

Strengthen your back and abs—all while keeping your lower body engaged—with this toning move.

How to do it: Sit tall with knees bent and together (focus on squeezing inner thighs together for more muscular activation), toes pointed, hands behind head. Brace abs in tight and hinge back until just shoulder blades are lightly touching the back of the chair. Bring body forward, crossing right elbow to the outside of left knee. Return to start. Repeat for 20 alternating reps. 

5. Arch de Triomphe:

You will need to stand for this one – and you can high five the office as though you’ve just nailed a big sale!

Stand in a doorway, hold the door frame on each side and walk forward until you feel a stretch in your chest. Last, try supported back extensions. Hold your hips and gently extend your back by bending backward.

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