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5 reasons why you will fail on a diet, but how you can drop a dress size for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If losing weight was easy I would not be writing this blog! There are so many reasons why diets have a high failure rate. Sometimes we’re just eating the wrong foods (low fat does not mean low calorie), we feel too hungry and succumb to temptation, we don’t get results quickly and then lose our motivation, we hate going to the gym, or sometimes there’s factors at home that make it hard to keep pushing on.

If you can relate to this, read on, for there are ways to get around these very real issues.

Let’s get one thing straight. Diet is a 4 letter word. Lets put it in the swear jar! Diet screams Deprivation, Isolation, Emptiness and The Blues. We’ve all been there, and I hope that you never have to put yourself through that again. We will not be dieting!

Let’s get our heads around a different concept. Lifestyle. When you take a more holistic approach, healthy living and healthy eating just become our daily habits. They feed off each other and go far beyond what you put in your mouth. Healthy living is a state of mind and covers your mental, emotional and physical state. A happy head, happy heart and happy body are all interconnected. By tweaking one area, there’s often a change in other parts of your life too. We need to feel connected with those around us, feel purposeful in our daily lives, and feel loved. When you join a community of like minded people, there is a group energy and common purpose that carries you all forward like a current towards a common goal. It’s far easier to flow with the current than trying to paddle upstream solo!

At Miss Fit you are joining a community of women in a non-competitive, supportive and non-judgemental environment. In our small boutique classes our instructors create a feeling of friendship and trust. You will enjoy a fitness experience that is challenging, rewarding and exciting.  Achieving goals that you never expected you would or could ever do is the greatest high imaginable. That new found self belief carries you on to attempt the next challenge. We have had many women overcome battles with depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem by joining our classes and discovering a new side to themselves. Apart from feeling great on the inside, they look fit, toned and fabulous!

In 2012, Miss Fit Dance Studio was the first pole studio in the world to run a clinical trial to measure the effectiveness of combining pole fitness with a calorie controlled meal plan.  In 8 weeks, our participants lost up to 13 kg, lost up to 47% total body fat, and had visibly improved muscle tone. All reported feeling happier about themselves, and dropped at least 1 dress size. See all the details here.

Since then, many women have joined our community and have been guided through our Miss Fit MakeOvers programsYou are not doing this alone. You are working closely with our expert dieticians who customize your meal plans to fit in with your body transformation goals.  They are then meeting with you and mentoring you through the program, helping you to understand how to make lifestyle changes so you can adopt healthy eating habits for the long term, for permanent weight loss.

Christmas is not far away. But you have time to complete an 8 week Miss Fit MakeOver and drop a dress size in time for the silly season! Our new term starts from October 30, so this is a perfect time to get started. If you haven’t done any classes with us before you can book a taster class. CONTACT US TODAY.

 Why Diets Don’t Work.


If you go around hungry all the time, sticking to a diet isn’t going to work. Your body demands energy and fighting hunger is just not sustainable long-term. On the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans we are fuelling your body for exercise. You should never feel hungry. If you do, your dietician can tweak your meal plans.

We don’t demonise foods but include foods from all food groups and offers a balanced “everything in moderation” approach to healthy eating. Lean meats, fish, dairy, eggs, tofu, rice and legumes, in addition to fruits and vegetables, are all part of the plan. And we factor in treats – a glass of wine or some chocolate, as well as delicious desserts!


Let’s face it, none of us have hours free every day for food shopping and cooking, let alone think about what to make for dinner.

All meals on the Miss Fit MakeOvers  are easy to cook and family friendly. Ingredients don’t have to be sourced from the local farmer’s organic market or health food store. They can all be bought at the supermarket and prepared at home. By shopping once or twice a week you can have all the ingredients you need to be able to stick to the meal plans. You don’t need to buy any expensive supplements.

The meal plans are practical, realistic, and easy to follow. You can have all the family eating the same meals that you do.


We don’t want you to live as a hermit – that is not healthy! Food is a crucial part of our social lives. We have lunch with work mates and eat dinner with family and friends. If your diet doesn’t allow you to eat out, or cook a meal that everyone can enjoy, you’ll lose out on quality downtime with the people you love.

And while many diets dictate what you should eat every day, the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans are flexible. Eating out? No problem. You can record the foods you have eaten at your favourite restaurant into your food tracker. Your dietician will make sure that you stay on track with your overall goal.


So many of us have a sweet tooth! And some of us have an actual sugar addiction, that over time we can work through. But if you’ve been good why not reward yourself? Yes, the Miss Fit MakeOvers meal plans allow for occasional treats such chocolate. But even better, and part of our broad approach, is that there are lots of delicious dessert options so you will never feel that you are missing out.


Just like food prepping and cooking, many of us don’t have the time to go to the gym. If you want to exercise from home, we have the DIY MakeOver plan with detailed step-by-step descriptions on how to do each workout, no equipment needed. Only $190- for the 8 week program of exercise and meal plans.

Even just 1 hour of exercise a week has been shown to reduce depression and have a fitness benefit. Obviously if you can do more you will get even better results. 

Most of us prefer to exercise in a group, and that is how you will really develop a sense of community and fun. We have lots of different classes for you to choose from – aerial yoga, aerial fitness, pole fitness, pole dancing, aerial hoop, conditioning and flexibility classes. Plus we have flexible timetabling with daytime, evening and Saturday morning classes – to make it easy to fit in with your busy lifestyle. We also offer mums and bubs classes at our Castle Hill studio with affordable child care right next door.

Once you find classes that you really love, it becomes something that you really look forward to each week, and you get to catch up with your new friends. On the Choose to Lose and VIP MakeOver programs you will be exercising with us at least twice a week. Priced from only $12/day including all classes and dieticians consultations, these plans are very affordable. Click on the links for more details, and contact us to find out which one would work best for you.

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