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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hi there, I think we all now understand that these are days of dramatic change and that we all need to do our bit to respond to our environmental crisis. At Miss Fit we take this seriously. 2020 is our big year of change too, and we have been revamping our studios and the way we operate to be as carbon neutral as we can. We are phasing out plastic bottles and aerosols and have re-designed our beautiful studios to be as energy efficient as possible for lighting, cooling and heating.

We have even upcycled take away food containers into light fittings! When you come to our Castle Hill studio, have a close look at our wall lamps. You would swear they are marble. Scroll down to see a sample.

Members of the Miss Fit community have joined with volunteer groups providing food and water to wildlife in bushfire affected areas outside of Sydney. Although we cant all get out into the bush we can all contribute to the ongoing support of those most in need. Getting involved makes you feel better as well as making a real difference to those animals still recovering. Donations from our community of food and supplies for wildlife are just as valuable as legs in the field. A recent fundraiser photo shoot by do.profound photography at our Castle Hill studio raised over $3700- for WIRES

We really care about you.

You can become part of the Miss Fit “family”. In our small group boutique fitness classes you will be able to develop a strong bond with your instructor and your class so you feel safe and empowered to push yourself to become your personal best. What ever your goal, we will work with you to ensure that you achieve that and so much more. We are very aware of the positive powers of exercise, social connection, and the mental boost gained by mastering something new or to be pushed outside your comfort zone. We nurture you to make you strong on the inside and the outside, to be resilient, brave and ready to face life’s challenges.

5 Tips that will help you cope when things get you down:

1. Look after yourself.

2. Make connections.

3. Take action.

4. Focus on what you can do.

5. Seek courage.

New to exercise? Start gently and build up. We now offer more conditioning classes than ever before. Ballet Barre, Pole and Aerial Conditioning, Abs n Ass, Bendy Babes stretch, Fit Ball, Aerial Fitness and Aerial Yoga. Morning, daytime and evening classes available.


Discounts and Payment Options

Sometimes its difficult balancing a budget so at Miss Fit you have a range of payment options so you can always afford the best in boutique fitness. Book more than 1 class in the same term and save 30% off the second class. Discounted classes automatically appear when you book through our website.

Half now half later. If you prefer to spread your payments, you can secure your place in a class with a 50% deposit now, the balance payable in week 1. Send a note with your online booking if you are paying that way.

Pay As You Play – pay your term fees off  in fortnightly instalments using your credit card, a 5% admin fee applies. Contact us for the application form.

Studio memberships will be available in 2020, more details soon. For all payment plans contact us.

Dance in the air or on the floor

At Miss Fit you can swing, spin or float – you choose! Start on the floor in our Ballet Barre Fitness classes – enjoy a balanced whole body workout that will improve your posture, core and give you long lean lines. Daytime and evening classes at both Artarmon and Castle Hill.

Float, swing and relax in the stretchy aerial yoga hammocks. Re-connect  in our meditative aerial yoga classes, or find your hidden strengths in our dynamic aerial fitness classes.

If you really want to fly, book Bungee! It is a high intensity workout quite different from anything you have tried before. You will master aerial star jumps, fly like superman, and float like mission impossible. Gain confidence with handstands and cartwheels with the harness supporting you. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun factor!Click on the Timetables link to book

Try something new at Miss Fit!

At Miss Fit our motto is dare to be different. We want you to have the opportunity to challenge yourself and always to try something new. While we are specialists in pole and aerial fitness, we also bring new content to the studio every term.

If you would love to do some conditioning before you start pole or lyra classes, or as an extra class in the same term book our Pole and Aerial Conditioning classes or FaST classes. A targeted program will improve your strength and flexibility to improve your range an confidence.

Get your 6 pack happening in our Abs n Ass classes – our pole instructors put on their PT hats and go for it! Enjoy that burn and reap the rewards.

We have more Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness classes than any other studio. Join our expert teaching team for the best floating experience in our comfortable stretchy hammocks.

Looks like marble. Its all recycled.

This elegant wall light is actually made from upcycled take away food containers and meat trays. Designed and created by Will Thompson and the brilliant team at not for profitt Defy Design. These shades can be melted down again and again to make a huge range of products. These innovative and passionate designers are continually working on clever solutions to old problems, and reducing the one way stream of plastic into landfill.

At Miss Fit you can think outside the square with your training too! Bored with the gym or just in a rut with your health and fitness?

Contact us and see how we can help you to find not only a class that you will love, but a friendly community to join so that you can become part of the solution to global issues. Lots of little change results in big change.