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At a glance, aerial Fitness seems like an activity only suitable for the trapeze artists and sophisticated dancers or one of those crazy activities your HR comes up with for team building. However, once you venture into it, you’ll realise that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Currently gaining momentum in the fitness space, aerial exercise is a fun and thrilling alternative to your basic and repetitive gym workouts or floor-based Yoga routines.

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What Does Aerial Fitness
Really Entail?

Also known as anti-gravity-yoga, an aerial exercise adds a handful of thrill to regular yoga as it involves performing your favourite asana in a comfy hammock or gym sling. Other than yoga, aerial exercises are a graceful blend of fun acrobatics, Pilates-based core moves, resistance training, and flexibility.

What’s more intriguing is that unlike regular gym or yoga routines, this type of Fitness is ideal for all ages and genders. At first glance, aerial Fitness can be quite intimidating. The good news, however, is you don’t need any yoga or fitness experience.

The exercises are as much about technique as they are about strength. Hence,whether you’ve never had an encounter with yoga before or never stepped in the gym, it’s possible to enjoy our aerial fitness sessions.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga or anti-gravity Yoga involves performing asanas in a comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym sling. You will experience unique holistic techniques that will increase your body awareness, strength, flexibility, stability and balance. You shall learn to focus upon muscle isolation techniques, mind body connections and an introduction to pranayama (controlled breathing) all while safely supported by Fly Gyms comfortable slings. No previous fitness or yoga experience is required to be able to join and reap benefit from Miss Fits Aerial Yoga classes.

Aerial Bungee

Incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, acrobatics, resistance training and flexibility. Miss Fits Aerial Fitness involves performing exercises in comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym slings that allows your body to move in ways that are just not possible on the floor. Originally designed as a training tool for circus aerialists, you will also get to perform some moves that you never expected you would or could be able to do, we will challenge your strength, flexibility and your mind all while safely supported by the comfortable Fly Gym slings. Suitable for all ages, women and men. You do not need any previous yoga or fitness experience to be able to benefit from and enjoy our classes. Aerial Fitness is also an ideal cross-training activity for pole dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, dancers or anyone wanting balanced total body training.

Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Aerial Hoop is a challenging circus based performance art that is fantastic for building your upper body and core. Our instructors range from fitness coaches to international aerial performers who all share a passion for the Lyra. They will ensure that you will be challenged to the appropriate level of your fitness and strength. While the aerial hoop (Lyra) is not as comfortable as our yoga slings :-), we provide regular opportunities for students to perform and compete.

Kids Sling Classes

involve children performing exercises, tumbles, turns and stretches in comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym slings. With lots of giggles and fun we challenge their strength, flexibility and focus all while safely supported by the comfortable Fly Gym slings. No previous fitness or yoga experience is required to be able to join and benefit from these exercises. Mums and Dads are encouraged to be in the studio and involved with their childs class. It is a unique opportunity to be able to exercise with your child in a unique environment. Our Kids Aerial instructors have been certified to work with children. Suitable for ages 4 – 11 girls and boys

Teen Lyra

is for all teens aged between 12-17 years. These classes are fun and challenging and an effective way to build strength, balance and confidence. Check out Video of Channel 9 looking at Miss Fits Kids Aerial classes.

Our instructors have been certified and will ensure that the exercises you perform are appropriate to your level of fitness.

Reasons to Try Out Aerial Fitness

Apart from being open to you and your entire squad, our aerial aerobic classes pack a bunch of benefits
you can’t afford to miss out on as shown below;

Aerial Exercises Equal a Happy You

As noted earlier, aerial gym involves performing regular asana in a comfy hammock. Most of these poses are usually inverted, hence increasing blood flow to the brain. Better blood circulation in the brain stimulates the feel-good hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, resulting in a happier you! Also generally trying out something new and as adrenaline-filled as an aerial gym can be quite satisfying, which automatically equals a happy you!

Fun in the form of Fitness

Yoga can be boring, acrobatics seem a little too extra while the gym is too repetitive! Our aerial fitness classes, on the other hand, incorporate all the mentioned routines and add wings in the form of a comfy fabric fly gym stretch. So you can fly outside your comfort zone and view fitness in an entirely new and exhilarating way.

Better Sleep

If insomnia has been on your case for a while, you should probably try Aerial Pilates training. Why? Well, as noted, it makes a happier and a more relaxed you. This, in turn, means you’re able to sleep better. Additionally, all the stretching makes you tired, thus, you fall asleep quickly.

Core Strength and Weight Loss Anybody?

Aerial yoga is a slow yet challenging workout. It involves gravity-defying poses. Your body therefore works harder than average to maintain balance and stability. This strengthens your core muscles and in the process, results in weight loss.

Improved Flexibility

We all want to be flexible, and aerial Pilates training is your key to flexibility. Being a fusion of yoga, strength training, and a handful of acrobatics, aerial exercises enable you to stretch parts of your body you’ve never stretched before.

Also, being suspended from our comfy stretch fabric fly gym sling gives your muscles more freedom. Thus, allows you to try out all those moves you’ve never had a chance to try out!

Say Goodbye to Back Problems

Even those with back problems are welcome to try out our aerial aerobics classes. Our fun-packed asanas will not only give you an exciting way to stay active but are also what you need to ease your back problems. By being suspended on our fabric fly gym sling, your spine gets a chance to stretch without straining anything. Also, most poses often involve inversion, necessitating spinal decompression which helps release enough pressure for your spine to go AAA HHH, Relaxation!

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Spinal decompression, weight loss, improved core strength, better sleep, a happier brain, and a much confident you, aerial fitness in Sydney is your gateway to holistic wellness. So don’t be left out, come hang with our team of master instructors at any of our 3 locations by signing up today!

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