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You’ve probably heard about the positive benefits of participating in a regular exercise program. In addition to keeping us healthy, fit, and happy, exercise also keeps us feeling young at heart. But when you’re looking for a new and exciting discipline to try, it’s best if you can find something to challenge and uplift you that you can really hang on to for a while.

When you take your exercise routine off of the floor and into the air with the beauty and grace of the aerial hoop, you bring your practice to a whole new level. The Lyra gives you an unrivalled workout for your physical body, toning and strengthening muscles you never knew you had. But the benefits don’t end there. Dancing on the Lyra also feeds your soul as you create art with your entire being. Training in Lyra at Miss Fit Dance Studio in Sydney is a truly uplifting way to get fit, grow your confidence and your skills.

Miss Fit Welcomes All Levels

The faces of Aerial Fitness are diverse, and at Miss Fit Dance Studio, we welcome all levels to our classes. If you’re looking to get stronger, more fit, and more in touch with your creative side, try a Lyra class at Miss Fit. Also known as aerial hoop or sometimes cerceaux, the Lyra will give you a challenging circus-based workout for your upper body and core. The aerial hoop will also give your mind a workout as you are pushed outside your comfort zone. Being upside down will give you a new perspective on life, and we reckon it gets rid of wrinkles, too!

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried Lyra hoop classes before. Aerial hoop beginners will find a creative, supportive atmosphere where they can reach their goals and beyond. You’ll learn basic hangs and holds from below the bar, and then move up and inside the hoop before mastering moves above the bar. All the while, you’ll be exploring your seamless transitions and sequences, where the magic happens.

At Miss Fit Artarmon you’ll be able to train on our high set lyra, suspended from 4 metre ceilings. At our recently renovated Castle Hill studio, we flip the poles out of the way so you have plenty of room to swing and fly in your hoop. At all Miss Fit studios, you will discover our world-class instruction, and a progressive curriculum offering support and guidance all along the way. Our teachers have an unrivalled reputation for their performance and skill as instructors. All classes include a comprehensive warm-up and conditioning exercises to prime you for progress in every class, all appropriate to your individual level. Teen Lyra classes are available for active teens, details on our Timetable page. You can redeem your $100- Active Kids voucher for Kids and Teens classes at Miss Fit.

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The Lyra is one of the most beautiful forms of performance art that brings incredible strength, flexibility, and artistry to the stage. As an aerial hoop artist, there are few endeavours quite as rewarding as being able to both defy gravity and create beautiful shapes and elegant lines.

Whether you are an aerial hoop beginner or a seasoned aerial artist with dozens of Lyra classes under your belt, you will find that the best aerial hoop classes in Sydney are at Miss Fit Dance Studio. We offer a range of opportunities to perform and compete for those whose goal is to take the stage.

They say you should find three hobbies in life: one to make you money, one to keep fit, and one to keep you creative. And while aerial hoop is not guaranteed to earn you cash (although there is certainly potential!), the practice is sure to keep you in shape and allow your creative energy to flourish. That’s at least two out of three!

Check out our class offerings and sign up for an exciting Lyra class in Sydney today. Contact us to book in now!

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