Aerial Yoga for Health
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Have you ever wanted to elevate your yoga routine and take it to a new and exciting level? Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga at Miss Fit Dance Studio offers you an exciting opportunity to explore the mind-body connection while floating in the air, all in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment. Whether you have never taken yoga classes in your life or if you have a solid practise in place, hanging yoga classes are sure to lift your spirits and introduce you to a new and fun approach to fitness. It’s easy to discover the Miss Fit flying yoga class that is right for you today.

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Leave Stress Beneath You

In our busy world, many people suffer from stress and stress-related issues. The condition might even be considered a modern epidemic. Stress can be incredibly damaging to one’s mind, body, and heart. But there are ways to reverse the damage, and getting into a unique fitness routine is one of the best methods for getting rid of stress.
Hanging yoga is about working with gravity to release accumulated tension, and getting in touch with yourself from a new perspective: up in the air. This approach is instrumental in being able to let go of excess worry. Although air yoga is practised above the floor in a comfortable stretch fabric Fly Gym sling, many students find that exploring asanas in the air is incredibly grounding, a quality that they can take to the rest of their day-to-day activities.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Hanging yoga brings you a holistic practise that encourages increased body awareness and physical strength. Muscular isolations, greater flexibility, stability, balance, and more are also explored in a focused study. The use of the sling prevents unnecessary pressure on your joints and allows for greater expression of your yoga poses. You will feel like a superhero as you master familiar flows suspended up in the air.

In tandem with the posture sequences, our expert instructors also teach the fundamentals of pranayama or controlled breathing. Attention to the breath is crucial for the art of relaxation, meditation, and for performing athletic feats, as well. Taking your new skills beyond the studio, you can use these ancient breathing techniques to motivate and focus in your daily life as well.

What to Expect in an
Aerial Yoga Class at Miss Fit

So what can you expect in class? As with all of our classes, you will begin with a gentle warm-up before exploring poses in the sling. You will move seamlessly and gracefully between poses just as you would on the floor. Often, these are the same postures you may already be familiar with on the mat.

For some poses, you will remain upright, working your way up to going upside down in various inversions. You’ll find that the sling will allow for a far greater range of movement than does a mat on the floor. You’ll get to explore your increasing flexibility as you reach and extend your lines. You will find aerial yoga not only challenging but extremely fun, and likely to become a habit!

The practise of flying yoga in Sydney takes a step up at Miss Fit, the city’s premier dance studio. Miss Fit is home to many exciting classes in aerial fitness to challenge you, inspire you, and support you as you move beyond what you thought would limit you. For the very best aerial yoga in Sydney, look to Miss Fit for world-class instruction. We are proud to offer aerial yoga in Castle Hill & Artarmon Studio’s for fun and fitness. No experience is necessary, so get started today.

Finding an aerial yoga class in Sydney is as easy as checking our timetable for a class and location near you!

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