Choose to Lose

If you want more help keeping on track with your meal plans and exercise then this is the program for you! We help you in creating lifestyle change and long-term healthy habits. The Choose to Lose More program provides one on one consultations with our dietitians and you get to come to our studios to enjoy the benefits of training with Miss Fit.

“Exercising in a group situation keeps you motivated and on track, plus you’ll learn new skills and make friends!”

Dr Sarah Thompson,
AKA Miss Fit

  • 2 consultations with our dieticians to ensure you are on track to success
  • Customized 8 week meal plan that fits in with your dietary requirements and body transformation goals. Vegans, gluten free and food allergies are all catered for
  • Fun food diary mentoring between consultations
  • 2 group exercise classes a week at our studios – aerial yoga, pole dancing or conditioning (FaST) classes
  • Access to our 8 week muscle building exercise program and healthy recipe library
  • Support and mentoring from our team help you reach your Body Transformation goals

Starting from $640- for the 8 week program. That’s around $12-/day for all classes, consultations, downloads and mentoring.

NOTE: Results will vary from person to person.

To get your Choose to Lose More Makeover started please fill out the Inquiry Form below.

We will reply to answer any queries, organise payment and supply your nutrition Makeover Questionnaire so we better understand your lifestyle and eating habits. Once you’ve emailed your completed form back to us then our dieticians will be able to create your 8 week customized meal plan, taking into consideration your food preferences, food allergies and any underlying health issues. Then you can select the class styles and times that suit you best.

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