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  • Miss Fit Artarmon

    Unit 15 / 54 Dickson Ave, Artarmon, NSW 2064
    – inc Decadence & Hollywood studios

  • Miss Fit Castle Hill

    Unit 5 / 3 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154
    – Inc The Tower & Big Top studios.

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    PO Box 483 Seven Hills 2147

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    0431 244 162
    Artarmon & Castle Hill

Statement on Sustainability – or our social influence at work
Environmental sustainability is vitally important to us as part of our fundamental ethos. We strive to offer our services with minimal resource impact by using products that are locally sourced, renewable, recyclable, non-polluting and avoiding any single use plastics. We are mindful of the impacts of our actions not just for the present but their potential impact for future generations.

Every aspect of our operation is geared towards sustainability in its broadest interpretation. We first opened our doors in 2007, and since then have continually evolved to ensure that we retain the loyalty and support of our student and teaching community by always striving to exceed their expectations.

We also harness the power of our student community to build mutual trust and support both in classes and for studio events where you can be directly involved with projects that provide you with a genuine sense of making a real difference.

This attitude has seen us nominated and make to the Finals for the Better Business Awards.

Some examples – our community at work

The 2011 floods in saw the Miss Fit community band together with other dance fitness studios in our area to put together a fundraising evening. Our students banded together inviting literally hundreds of their friends and relatives into the studios for a night of pole and aerial performance – yes most polers do like an audience. That evening saw our studio alone earn over $3000 and the combined total from all studios was over $10,000 donated to help the Brisbane community through the clean up from the floods.

Following the devastating bushfires of 2019-2020 we connected with volunteer wildlife rescue groups to roll out emergency food drops to burnt out areas in the Blue Mountains National Park where there was evidence of surviving wildlife. Food drops were sanctioned by NPWS and Blue Mountains council. The Miss Fit student community rallied repeatedly with donations of fruit, vegetables, medical supplies and equipment to build water stations to support our efforts. These initiatives have resulted in ongoing relationships with volunteer wildlife carers and sanctuaries in the Blue Mountains needing further support to maintain their vital work.

Miss Fit recognizes the importance of sustainability for our business, and the power of our community of students, teachers and suppliers to allow us to fulfil that mission.

At Miss Fit we are SMART

Mission driven
Resource friendly

Our student community supplied 50kg of used take away containers and meat trays to provide the plastic required for the 10 faux marble wall mounted led lights fittings designed and created by Defy Design installed at our Castle Hill studio. Not only complementing to the Old Style themed studio but saving some plastic from being dumped and giving our student community the opportunity to contribute something beautiful to their happy place.

Single Use Plastics phased out in 2020.
Every student issued with their own branded metal Miss Fit water bottle (an initiative funded by the studio with increased profits from our 2020 business plan), filtered water provided at the studios.

All products purchased from suppliers that don’t wrap in plastic, or that have returnable or compostable containers eg Who Gives a Crap,  Zero Co Australia and EnviroGrip

All lighting powered by LEDs, floor and wall fans optimize air circulation to minimize the need for air conditioning.

Paper towel waste is used for garden mulch/weed control – none goes to landfill

Miss Fit – a studio with a conscience.

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