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Day 11 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Sunday, November 11, 2012

You have days in your life that are just bad day, not catastrophic or tragic but just bad. We all have them. Generally we can’t even pinpoint the exact reason it was a bad day, its just lots of little things that build up, pulling together like the framing of a house and it creates a bad day.

Today was one of those days, I came home late and tired and just wanted to curl up in front of the TV with a glass or wine or two, maybe root around the cupboards and see it there’s any chocolate hiding in there. Then not move for the rest of the night, just turn my brain off and console myself that it was over, it was crappy but its over.

Sadly we can’t do that. I come home to cook veges and chicken, and I need to prepare my snacks for the next day.

Although I will say that the fat free ice-cream did help. I got to sit in front of the TV (after all the food preparation) with my little bowel of ice-cream.

But somehow it wasn’t the same.

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast, and coffee
Snack: yoghurt
Lunch: Chicken “burger” (a home made one)
Snack: veges sticks
Dinner: Salad with chicken
Supper: fat free icecream

Standing on my feet for 8 hours at work, I didn’t get to sit down much today