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Day 12 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Monday, November 12, 2012

Something’s been bugging me for the last week. I tried to eat at three hour intervals but could never get the timing right. I never really thought about why, I’d just try again the next day. But lunch would be too late or too early and I could never really get that much of a gap between dinner and supper or I’d never get a decent nights sleep.

Today I decided to look at it logically… What I worked out made me laugh and feel a bit like an idiot. I realized that to eat every three hours I’d need to have a 15 hr day, not including eating time. That would mean if I had breakfast at 8am, snack 11am, lunch 2pm, snack 5pm, dinner 8pm, and supper at 11pm only to wake up and do it again. Now I know why it doesn’t work! The killers are the lunch and snack, I prefer lunch around one and my snack around 3:30 (to compensate for 3:30itis) but then I wait till 7-8ish for dinner….

I figure as long as there’s a gap between meals it should work, timing isn’t everything… right????

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast, and coffee
Snack: yoghurt
Lunch: left over stirfry
Snack: veges sticks
Dinner: Salmon with veges and rice
Supper: fat free icecream

1hr Pole fundies class