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Day 2 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The morning started out great. I’m loving that I’m still allowed coffee. Believe me when I say no coffee, no life, I use to have people at work not talk to me until they’d seen me with a half drunk coffee in my hand. I’m also being really good and having black coffee with a dash of milk rather then my usual soy latte.

By 12:30 though I had to drive to Canberra, a three hour drive on a straight road with nothing to do but sing along to the radio. Usually this is when I would treat myself and buy a pack of the Natural Confectionery to chew on the way just to keep me focused, at least that was my excuse.

Today however I had three carrots and a health bar I’d been given, called natural energy ball. I know the health bars aren’t on the snack list but there was no way I could eat a tub of ricotta while driving. Also it was a Ginseng one, good for the immune system, although it kinda looked like smooched up pesto, all green and squishy, but oddly tasted chewy but nice.

While driving to Canberra I was good and refused to stop at any of the fast food places or restaurants along the way, unfortunately as I was in such a rush to leave I’d forgotten my lunch and so went with only my snacks to munch on.

Dinner was easy with a fresh vege stirfry with tofu, no meat but tasty all the same. I’ve also bought more berries and snacks for work tomorrow so I’ll be more organized and better at sticking to the plan.

This whole meal plan thing might be trickier then I thought…

Breakfast: Yoghurt and berries/coffee
Snack: Berries
Lunch: Oops, driving to Canberra
Snack: Ginseng bar and Carrots
Dinner: Stir-fry tofu and veges
Supper: Still no low fat ice-cream…

Sitting for three hours in a car munching on carrots!