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Day 5 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today was torturous, I had to make my favorite biscuits for my friend’s party on the weekend, White Chocolate and Raspberry and Milk Chocolate with Blueberry and Mulberry. These biscuits are amazing but have so much sugar in them that I rarely make them. I had to pour rivers of sweetened condensed milk and mounds of caster sugar, mix it all up and I couldn’t even lick the bowel! Then the mixing of the choc chips without even a nibble! I was good but it was really hard!
I ended up cutting up some veges so I was nibbling on something while baking. Otherwise it just didn’t feel right!

Buying all these berries and cottage cheese and extra stuff that I wouldn’t normally get is starting to get expensive though! The cup of berries every day is at least a punnet of strawberries, and even more of blueberries and at around $3 a punnet it’s starting to hurt. It would be easier if the fruit we ate was all locally seasonal but most of these are not quite in season in Sydney yet so we’re currently paying a higher price.

Anyone know the best place to get good cheap fruit? I’ve been told that Harris Farm was pretty good, any other ideas?

On the up side I had my first dance class for the term! Hurrah I’m back at dance and learning new moves. I’ve gone up a level for fundies this term and there are all these new moves and names to remember. Also the new sore spots and bruises. I admit I have a few new bruises forming already;-) but to me that just a mark of the hard work we all put in.

Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Yoghurt with berries
Lunch: Pasta with a tuna and tomato sauce
Snack: vege sticks
Dinner: Chicken and kale, zuchinni and broadbeens with sweet potato
Supper: Fat free ice-cream

One-hour fundies pole class