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Day 6 of the Dieting Pole dancer

Monday, October 15, 2012

I don’t know if it was the cold weather today or the rain but by lunchtime I was starving, more so then I’d been at any other point in this diet. I know part of the problem was my timing, I have a three hour shift on Wednesday and Friday from 11:30-2:30 when I can’t stop to eat, so lunch was eaten closer to 3pm. I ended up having pasta again as it’s more filling then a sandwich and the tomato and tuna sauce was actually quite nice with it. I also had two glasses of water, as water makes you feel fuller faster, but it didn’t help!

I was still hungry after lunch that I ended up having my supper for a snack, but then was good and had my snack for supper.

Hearing all this talk of people loosing a decent amount of weight in the first week is mildly discouraging, as I’ve lost nothing! I know its different for everyone and that with any luck I’ll be loosing weight later but I do worry sometimes as I’ve never found it easy to loose weight.

Tonight was my first FLEX class for the term, I don’t know how but I’ve somehow lost flexibility and strength in the nearly two-week break I’ve had from dance, especially in my side splits. It’s going to be hard work to get it back but I’m sure my three classes a week will help me out!

I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Diets are easier in warmer weather 😉

Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack: Yoghurt with berries
Lunch: Pasta with a tuna and tomato sauce
Snack: Fat free ice-cream
Dinner: Chicken and tomatoes with pasta and chili
Supper: vege sticks

Exercise: One-hour FLEX pole class