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Day 8 of the Dieting Pole Dancer

Thursday, November 08, 2012

We made it though the first week! Some of us easily some of us not no much.

I found my biggest issue was remembering what fruit and vegetables were on the free fruit list. I would look at an apple for a snack and think ‘yep that’s healthy’ only to get home and realise it’s not on the list because it has higher calories then the berries or other fruit and vegetables. I do the same with putting veges in my salads especially with carrots, I love having carrots as snacks, you can eat them straight or cut them into little sticks for dips, they last well when they’ve been cut up, and can fill you up nicely, although I obviously like my carrots I have to remember that their not on the list. I think I need to type the list up, make it into a small business card size paper then stick it in my wallet just so I can remember it all. Although hopefully by week 8 the list will be seared into my brain and easy to remember.

Breakfast: A slice of toast with vegemite, and coffee
Snack:  Berry yoghurt
Lunch: wholemeal chickena and salad wrap
Snack:  vege sticks
Dinner: Chicken zucchini, carrots, leaks, baby potatoes
Supper: fat free ice-cream