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Do you suffer from Gymtimidation? How you can overcome exercise angst.

Friday, June 04, 2021

What is the main reason stopping you from exercising?

How to turn fitness fear into the fun filled highlight of your week

When we feel apprehensive or uncertain about any new activity its so easy to allow our inner thoughts to talk us out of ever starting. “I’m too busy, I’ll never be any good at it, I’m too tired, I’m too overweight, I can’t afford it.” It is our fear of failure that mostly drives those internal conversations. So we allow fear to determine our decisions.
That’s really sad.
When we allow negatvity to rule our lives we miss out on so much.
If we allow those thoughts to prevent us from allowing our bodies to exercise the price is much higher. We risk our physical and mental health.

Guess what? You dont have to be really good at something to be able to really enjoy it! I love crosswords but Im not always able to solve them. That doesnt matter. I still enjoy the process and therefore it is worthwhile.
When you start something new you probably wont be very good at it. We all start as beginners. But opening yourself up to new experiences is one of the best things you can do for you! You get to meet new people, you may discover your new secret superpower. Breaking out of the same old routine that is making you feel bored and trapped is a very empowering and exciting experience. You may not be the best dancer in the class, but when you find what you love you are way ahead of those still at home sitting on the lounge.

Mythbuster 1. You dont have to wear skimpy outfits when you come to Miss Fit. You can keep yourself covered if you want to – it is winter after all! Leggings are required for our sling, hammock, aerial hoop (lyra) barre and stretch classes. Plus you can get sticky leggings to wear on the pole.

Mythbuster 2. You do not need to be fit to start classes at Miss Fit. That will happen once you are attending classes with us. However you can do some training at home to start getting into shape. Click on this link and you can train at home in your own time with a series of short workouts with Miss Fit. No equipment needed.


New Aerial Dance classes

Add some artistry to your day while learning how to make beautriful shapes and flows in the translucent hammocks in our Aerial Dance Classes. Luna and Gemma will show you how to create liquid lines and effortless transitions. Suited for those new to aerial exercise. Daytime and evening classes starting in Term 4

We all need to be strrretched

Stretching is not only for aerialists and dancers – its great therapy for everyone. We all spend too much time chained to our laptops or sitting for long periods which is not healthy. A great stretch class will connect mind and body, de-stress and unlock tight joints. Stretching also releases natural endorphins and anti-inflammatories which explains why you leave the class feeling on such a high!
Dont worry if you cant touch your toes, we all progress at our own pace.
Look for a Bendy Babes or Aerial Yoga class time to suit you on our Timetables.

5 wins you will gain from Lyra

Lyra is the most artistic of the aerial arts. It requires dedication and determination to make your execution evolve from aerial exercises to aerial artistry.

  • core, leg, hand and upper body strength
  • how to overcome fear
  • trust in a spinning apparatus
  • acceptance that bruises and blisters are part of the process
  • a journey that will take you to places you never dreamed of

Book and pay now and $ave

We all love a bargain! When you book a term with us you reap the benefits. We offer Sydneys best value aerial classes.

  • FREE weekly practice session/s
  • FREE pole and lyra eBooks
  • learning resources
  • discounts when you book more than 1 class in the same term
  • Use the discount code lightmyfire to save a further 5%. Book and pay in full by June 18 for the discount to apply

Please vote for us today

Miss Fit is very proud to be a Finalist in the Better Business Partnership Sustainable Business awards for 2021.
Over the past year we have

  • phased out single use plastics
  • introduced a range of initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint
  • streamlined our studio management to ensure we are financially sustainable
  • supported and cared for our Miss Fit family throughout the coronavirus pandemic
  • supported wildlife and their carers in the aftermath of the drought and bushfires

Friday June 4 is the last day to vote for us in the People’s Choice Award. Voting is quick and easy. You’ll find us in the Pubs, Clubs, Leisure and Fitness category. We really appreciate your support. Thankyou.