Flexibility And Strength (FAST) Classes

Grace and elegance on the pole come about from developing your strength AND your flexibility. Each week of the FaST term has a different theme – Stretch and Flex, Core and Arms, Leg and Butt Blaster, Floor Flow, Total Body Conditioning and a challenging Circuit Class so you can have plenty of variety in your conditioning program. Every class includes a comprehensive stretch session targeting legs, back and shoulders. You can attend as a casual for targeted classes or commit to a term to develop your overall strength, flexibility and athleticism. We are all working towards the same goal – long lean lines with strength, flexibility and control in both dance and pole elements. Suitable for all levels, no previous fitness experience required to be able to benefit from this class. We record measurements of your strength and flexibility in week 1 so you can compare your degree of improvement in week 8 of the term. Check our facebook page to see which class theme is running each week.. 

Each FAST class runs for 1 hour. $190 per term.