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Get ready to Hustle with us for our final term of 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019

Are you ready to Hustle? We’re bringing sexy back for term 6 at Miss Fit.

Inspired by the fierce ballsy women in Hustler, this term we are going to make you feel invincible too! Celebrate what makes you different and powerful and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

We’re going to be strapping on our highest heels, let our hair down and have some good old girlie fun!! Our choreographers have created routines guaranteed to thrill, so you can delve into your inner diva and let her shine. Dance as though no one is watching – lets face it – we go to pole classes for own selfish pleasure!

Strength. Confidence. Miss Fit.

We have scheduled over 115 classes at our 3 locations – Pole for all levels, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Ballet Barre, Bungee, Bendy Babes, Abs n Ass, and FaST conditioning classes. Book more than 1 class in the same term and save an extra 30%!

Want to see what you’ll be learning in our beginners and Pole Choreography classes? Scroll down to check out the routines.

Breaking news! International pole and aerial superstar BENDY KATE will be coming to Miss Fit for one night only for her Creative Stretch MasterClass. Scroll down for more details.


Visit our website to book and pay or simply reply to this email with your class selection.


Train with the best at Miss Fit

Wanting to get your bikini body happening? Our expert instructors will get you there in our targeted conditioning classes with fun and creative challenges for you!

Mikaela is fresh from podium finishes in the National body building series, and will take you through her gruelling preparation in her FaST classes. Also at Castle Hill, join superbod Sammy C in her popular Friday Abs n Ass classes. Miss Fit will tease you with new Swiss ball challenges each week in her Abs n Ass class, or see how strong you can become in her Aerial Fitness classes. Johns aerial fitness classes are popular for good reason – check out the recent challenges insta.

Vary up your workout with a range of classes – its the best way to become a well rounded athlete.

Ballet Barre now at Miss Fit!

Step into a world of beautiful music and elegant movement, allow your body and mind to reconnect as you immerse yourself in this classic class. Join RAD qualified ballerina Amelia in small group classes where she will guide you towards perfect form and control. Ballet Barre is a fusion workout designed to give you lean long lines, stronger legs, perky butt, and improved posture. It combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and lots of stretching. You don’t need any prior dance or fitness experience to be able love this class. As it’s low intensity its ideal for those new to exercise, returning from injury or post-baby. Put on your favourite workout gear – leggings are ideal – bare feet are fine. Bring a water bottle and a small towel if you tend to sweat. Enjoy the burn and love the rewards.

Each class runs for an hour, 8 week term fee $190-, or $25 as a casual class.

Ready to Hustle ladies?

Our choreographers are bringing sexy back with pole routines that will allow you to indulge your feminine side, while being challenged with innovative combinations.

Strap on your feels, let your hair down and bling it up! You’ll be dancing to Timberlake, Rhianna, Beyonce and The Weekend and more of your favourites.

As its our last term of the year we will be planning extra special Grad Nights. Dont miss your chance to be part of it!

Check out next terms routines on the Miss Fit youtube channel.


Bendy Kate at Miss Fit!

A special event for the dedicated athlete. We are very excited to be hosting the international pole and aerial superstar @bendy_kate for one night only at our Artarmon studio. Famous for her highly expressive, fluid and unusual choreography, Bendy Kate has defined her style through her incredible flexibility. With over 160 000 followers on IG, she mesmerizes her audience with her magical pole and aerial performances and training insights.

Creative Stretching is a 2 HOUR MASTERCLASS that will re-ignite your passion and enjoyment of stretching. You will learn creative sequences created by Bendy, it will incorporate dance, anatomy, partner stretches and contortion. It is guaranteed to inspire you push on to become your personal bendy best. You will leave with new insights into how to progress further.

It will include a comprehensive and creative warm up and then expect to be taken through spinal opening exercises, back bends, active stretching, middle split miracles, oversplits, creative poses and more!
The class is suited for ALL LEVELS – you do not have to be superbendy to attend and to gain valuable insights into how to develop your flexibility. However, if you are established with your contortion practice, Bendy will be able to take you through appropriate progressions.
Class numbers will be restricted so that you receive plenty of ONE ON ONE attention.

Friday November 8, 7-9 pm, Miss Fit Artarmon Cost $120- Book by emailing [email protected]

Payment must be received in full prior. No refunds for late cancellations or no shows.