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Healthy Travellors come to Miss Fit, Sydney Australia

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MissFit was opened by Sarah and her partner, John, in 2007. Their first studio was in Castle Hill. They have since gone on to open a further 3, in: St Peter’s, Artarmon.

Sarah is the original Miss Fit and started as a pole dancing student in 2004. John is now a master aerial yoga instructor. Coming from a pole background, Sarah believes that you don’t need any yoga, or even fitness background to fully enjoy aerial yoga.

Before entering the pole and aerial world, Sarah used to be a vet. She now has qualifications in fitness, pole and aerial yoga. It was through a workshop at another pole studio, 2 and a half years ago, where Sarah was introduced to the idea of aerial. She noticed a crossover with pole and liked the way it complimented the sport as it allows you to not only stretch and repair the muscles worked during pole practice, but also enables you to strengthen the muscles needed to progress. She attended instructor workshops straight away and quickly incorporated the practice in her teaching at the studios. Through self-pratice and the development of a curriculum with sling experimentation, Sarah and her partner expanded their knowledge base in order to customise classes depending on the students and their needs. Aerial provides benefits for everyone. It allows those who are pregnant and those joint problems, such as knee and hip, to get in to poses that would be uncomfortable if on a mat. It also acts as a deep body tissue massage which I loved. You could really feel the hammock getting into the knots that build up in your body.

Miss Fit is made up of 4 boutique fitness studios, all with aerial yoga classes available, making it Sydney’s largest group of aerial studios. The emphasis is on men and women looking for a customised fitness experience in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. 
Sarah is so strong. I have never seen such amazing upper body strength! Her class was beautifully balanced with strength sequences, both upper and lower body, stretches, inversions and relaxation. I really liked how we were given the option of progression(s) in each pose. The class felt as though it had a purpose; to strengthen and condition your body. It was very well put together, with the stretches being complimentary to the muscle groups worked throughout the class. It was very clear that Sarah knew her stuff and she paid a lot of attention to each individual, providing them with alternatives if needed. I would have loved to try one of the pole classes to see how well the 2 practices work together.

Each studio is decorated with a different styled ceiling. In the St Peter’s studio, where I attended, the aerial room was almost circus themed, with different coloured, striped drapes hanging from the ceiling. In the pole room, there was a large star composed of LED lights, hence it’s nickname, ‘The Star Room.’

Miss Fit use the more elasticated slings. This means that there are multiple attachments rather than just the use of one sling. These include wrist straps and leg slings. I liked working with the different types as it allowed you to work different muscles more deeply and opened up the opportunity to perform more poses.

When I return to Sydney, I will definitely be attending some pole classes, as well as more aerial classes at Miss Fit. They also offer courses as well as casual classes in you were looking to progress with more knowledge. Sarah’s bubbly and open personality reflect through her studios. If you are looking for somewhere with a friendly atmosphere, customised fitness experience and a high standard of teaching, Miss Fit is the place for you.