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How to maintain your fitness and your sanity in a pandemic

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Finding the right balance for you

With the omicron variant spreading like wildfire through our community, we are all confronted with some tricky decisions. We all need to work, study, travel, exercise and interact with each other. How do we do that in a way that we feel safe? Do we live our lives in a virtual bubble, or “learn to live with Covid” as our politicians urge us to do. Our high vaccination rates prevent Covid from being a life-threatening infection for most of us, but do not protect us from acquiring the virus. Unlike the trending TikTokkers who regard the infection as a joke, for those with co-morbidities there is a high risk of serious illness. On the other hand, as we learned during lockdown, living in isolation can be really damaging for your mental health. We all need to make our own decisions about our tolerance for risk.

The reality is that Covid is going to impact and disrupt our daily lives as much as ever.

At Miss Fit we take your health seriously. Just as we manage our classes to minimize the risk of injury, we want you to be able to find the right balance between your need to exercise and living your life “as normal”.

How we will be managing the impact of Covid at Miss Fit

  • Small group classes
  • All instructors and students to be vaccinated for Covid
  • Optimal studio ventilation
  • Social distancing
  • Flexible missed class policy if you need to self-isolate
  • On demand videos for home training for those in isolation
  • Missed classes credited to the following term if necessary

Any questions or concerns you have, feel free to contact us by replying to this email.

Our new term starts from JANUARY 10, but if you’re not quite ready to start in week 1 we can arrange a pro rata term for you. All you need to do is reply to this email.

Extra lyra classes

As our numbers of lyra lovers are rapidly growing we have scheduled extra classes for you. A new Lyrography for beginners (learn a routine to perform at Grad Night), and extra Lyra 1 and 2 classes. Our curriculum will be expanding this year too! Watch out for Lyra 4!!

What is Aerial Fitness?

There’s nothing quite as sublime as hanging upside down and feeling your spine stretch and unkink. We use comfy stretchy slings for our Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness classes so you can invert and enjoy the stretch without the fabric burn. Using elements of pilates, yoga and gymastics, our Aerial Fitness classes give you a workout that will strengthen, stretch and relax you. If you like to train hard you will love Aerial Fitness, if you want a more meditative experience then Aerial Yoga is your sanctuary.

Golden anniversary at Miss Fit

All our routines are touched with gold this term as we celebrate 14 years of teaching pole and aerial arts to those who dare to be different. Thankyou for your support and for making this milestone possible. You can see the pole routines you will be learning on the Miss Fit youtube channel.

Like to try before you buy?

Sample a class with us so that you can be confident that it will be something you really love before you commit to a term. Taster classes are available for beginners pole, aerial hoop (lyra), aerial fitness and aerial yoga.
To book your spot reply to this email and let us know what you would like to try (dont forget to mention whether its at Artarmon or Castle Hill). Taster classes are just $20-, booking prior is essential.