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How we can help you cope with the stress of climate change

Friday, January 03, 2020

There’s no denying it, we are living in times of incredible change and uncertainty. Global warming is no longer an invisible theoretical future event. We are all experiencing exactly what the scientists predicted, with more extreme weather events including drought, fire, storms and floods – globally and especially in Australia. We are all acutely aware of the impact of drought on our rural communities,  and the devastating effects of uncontrollable bush fires. The toll on our wildlife is horrendous and may tip some populations to extinction. In the oceans we have witnessed widespread coral bleaching and reduced fish populations, the death of giant kelp forests and the heartbreaking images of starving polar bears on shrinking polar ice caps. Psychologists recognize climate change as the greatest health threat of the 21st century due to its direct effects on our physical and mental health.

That is a lot to come to terms with and can easily seem overwhelming. Many feel anxious, frightened, angry, pessimistic or guilty about this changing paradigm. You may be feeling overwhelmed by “doom gloom” and a natural response to that is to switch off from thinking about or acting upon the problem. However there are ways that we can change our thinking so that we make ourselves more resilient and open to change rather than feeling threatened by it. Remember, we are all in this together.

5 Tips that will help you cope when Climate Change gets you down:

1. Look after yourself. Maintain your regular routines of exercise, relaxation and do fun things that make you feel better. Take a break from the news (its designed to make you feel more anxious and insecure) and most of it does not affect your directly anyway.

2. Make connections. We are social animals. Seek out your friends and family so that you don’t feel alone. When we provide support and understanding for each other it makes us feel better equipped to deal with uncertainty and change.

3. Take action. Get involved in climate activism – being part of a community and take meaningful action. If street protests aren’t your thing get your friends, family and workmates talking and thinking about it.

4. Focus on what you can do. While we all still have to function and survive in the system and circumstances we have, we can all be mindful about our daily habits. Purchase sustainably produced products, avoid excessive plastic wrapping (definitely not needed for most fruits and veggies), reduce or eliminate meat consumption, drink tap water (not bottled). Switch to an energy efficient car or use public transport more.

5. Seek courage. To be brave we need to recognize and face our fears. None of us know what our future will look like. Acknowledge your feelings of despair and even grief over our loss of ecosystems, don’t just suppress negative thoughts. Remember, we are not doomed and the future is not hopeless. While extreme nihilism is destructive, we can build the courage to face uncertainty so that we can focus on what we need to do to adapt to the future we are now facing. Embrace the possibility of social and political change then act to make it happen.

What’s this got to do with Miss Fit? We are very aware of the positive powers of exercise, social connection, and the mental boost gained by mastering something new or to be pushed outside your comfort zone. Our classes appeal on a range of levels – acceptance, support and camaraderie, expert tuition and a structured curriculum to always provide you with new challenges. We nurture you to make you strong on the inside and the outside, to be resilient, brave and ready to face life’s challenges.

Why dancing makes you feel good. We all know it because we’ve all felt it. When we dance our brain releases endorphins – hormones that trigger feelings of comfort, fun, relaxation and power. Dancing with a class group allows us to feel connected in a shared experience which is a powerful trigger for mental health. As we move our muscles relax and built up tension releases. You finish the class on a fantastic high – the best feeling of all. Dancing has also been proven to improve memory – you are memorizing sequences and training your brain at the same time. It’s powerful therapy!

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Dance in the air or on the floor

At Miss Fit you can swing, spin or float – you choose! Start from the floor in our Ballet Barre Fitness classes – enjoy a balanced whole body workout that will improve your posture, core and give you long lean lines. Daytime and evening classes at both Artarmon and Castle Hill.

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At Miss Fit our motto is dare to be different. We want you to have the opportunity to challenge yourself and always to try something new. While we are specialists in pole and aerial fitness, we also bring new content to the studio every term.

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