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Make 2019 your year for positive change. Do it with love at Miss Fit.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Contact Term Timetable 2019 is going to be a great year! According
to the Chinese Astrological charts it’s the Year of the Pig – a great year to make money, and a good year to invest! 2019 is going to be full of joy,
a year of friendship and love for all the zodiac signs; an auspicious year because the Pig attracts success in all spheres of life.

While we all seek success and happiness, love is like oxygen. We cant survive without it. When you feel love you feel connected with the world. The more
connected you are, the healthier you will be physically and emotionally. It’s also true that the less love you have the more depression you are likely
to experience in your life. Love is the best anti-depressant! One of the most common sources of depression is feeling unloved. You need to learn to
love yourself as well as loving others.

At Miss Fit we harness the Power of Love. Love yourself. Love others. Love what you do. When you feel love you are invincible. We want to help you find
your fitness passion. What is your fitness perfect match? When you find something that brings you joy and happiness you don’t need new years resolutions
to make it a habit. Its the routine that you choose to follow because you love it!

Our instructors bring Passion, Purpose and Professionalism to every class. You can tap into that positive force, so that even as an absolute beginner you
will be making steps forward to your ultimate success and happiness.

Miss Fit offers boutique fitness classes at our Artarmon and Castle Hill studio. So much to choose from so you can find the class that suits you and your family. Pole Fitness, Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Flexibility and Conditioning, Handstands, Mums and Bubs, Teens Lyra, Teens Pole Fitness, Kids Aerial Gym and Kids in Slings classes.

Need a nutrition make over? Get ready for weight loss success with our expert dieticians when you start one of our Body Transformation programs. Details below.

Term 1 2019 at Miss Fit kicks off from Monday January 14, and ends March 9. Now is the time for you to add some purpose and love into your life.

Pole makes you fit and fab! Don’t worry we all start as beginners….

Its no accident. Pole dancers look toned and lean because pole dancing is an incredible workout. Fundamentally it’s resistance training – which means
that you build muscle. This not only makes you look more toned, it helps you to maintain your healthy weight by tuning up your metabolism. You
burn more calories even when not exercising.

Give it a go even if you’re not fit, cant even do one push up, and dance with two left feet! You don’t need any fitness or dance experience to
get started. We all start as beginners. During a term at Miss Fit you will see your body change, your self-esteem improve, and you will have
learnt some impressive dance skills!

With over 11 years of experience behind us, our passionate teachers are experts at creating safe and effective classes. They are friendly, non-judgemental,
and very supportive. If you’re new to Miss Fit you can sample a week 1 class for just $20- to see if you like it! Booking prior essential.


We all love lyra! Extra classes scheduled for Term 1 at all 3 studios!

Lyra (aerial hoop) continues to grow in popularity and we now have extra classes available for teens and adults. Lyra 1 and Teen Lyra for those
new to the hoop, Lyra 2 for those that have a done a couple of terms already. Learn how to make beautiful shapes and transitions on the
hoop. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing yourself performing aerial tricks that make you feel like a circus star!

Lyra is a demanding workout, and those that have some pole or aerial fitness are perfectly prepared to take on this challenge. During a
lyra term you will be taken through a comprehensive conditioning program on and off the hoop to further improve your upper body, core,
leg and hand strength. If you’re new to exercise contact us first prior to booking.

Our expert instructors run all classes so your safety is the top priority. Numbers are restricted for plenty of 1:1 teacher interaction.
You’re welcome to sample a week 1 class for just $20- and see if you like it. Booking prior is essential.


Flying is Fun! Aerial Fitness and Aerial Yoga for kids and adults.

Regardless of your fitness level, sling classes at Miss Fit will challenge and awaken you, and are quite different from your standard gym workout
or floor-based yoga. Ranked in UrbanLists’ Top 10 Best Yoga studios in Sydney, we are the sling experts! Choose from gentle and holistic
Aerial Yoga for a guided breathing meditation, stretches and core activation. Or the more dynamic Aerial Fitness classes where you will build up strength to perform flips, somersaults and aerial combinations while safely supported by the slings. Kids Classes too! Kids in Slings and Kids Aerial Gym for ages 5 and up. In the Aerial Gym kids will climb, spin,
lift and roll using the poles, lyra, and small weights. A play based fitness class for boys and girls.

Daytime, evening and weekend sling classes. Only $190- for the 8 week term, or just $133- as your second class for the term. Check the Timetables for class times and to book. Kids Classes from $180- for the 10 week term.


Body transformations at Miss Fit – live life to the fullest AND get to your healthy weight

Most of us do not understand how to eat right. The right balance of foods, portion sizes, meal times. You can lose weight without fasting.
Actually you need to fuel your body with the right foods. Shedding unwanted kilos is 80% diet and 20% exercise to build muscle. In
the Miss Fit MakeOvers our expert dieticians will introduce
healthy eating habits into your lifestyle, so you’ll understand how to keep the weight off for the long term. Face to face consultations
and daily check ins will keep you on track. And treats are allowed!

Miss Fit MakeOvers really work – proven in our first trial in 2012 and with many happy customers since. Lose up to 1 kg/week – and
keep it off! Either exercise at home in DIY or join or classes for the friendly vibe and motivation. Priced from $190- Details and results are on the Weight Loss pages on the Miss Fit website. A calorie controlled diet and pole fitness is a proven
way to gain muscle and lose weight. Check our results. This is your year to succeed!



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else I can help you with, simply reply to this email.

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See you soon! Cheers, Sarah T aka Miss Fit