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Miss Fit on Embarrassing Bodies and the Today Show

Friday, August 21, 2015

Strength and Confidence. We all possess it but we don’t always channel it. How do you feel? It’s easy to develop a disconnect between our head and our bodies. Life gets in the way and we forget about really looking after ourselves. We tend to eat badly, under-exercise and generally take our health for granted. We can then enter a negative spiral of weight gain and self-resentment. Being active can allow you to discover inner strengths and qualities that were previously untapped. Through fitness you can overcome fear and negativity and become your ultimate self. At Miss Fit we want you to feel good about you.


Miss Fit on Channel 9’s Embarrassing Bodies
Our bodies are NOT embarrassing! We just need to look after them. Dr Christian came to our Castle Hill studio to check out our nipples! Were we all normal? Watch and find out. Our segment is from 15:45 if you want to scroll through.

Miss Fit on the Channel 7’s Morning Show 
We all want toned arms – they look hot! The Morning Show compared Pole Fitness with Pilates, surgery and an ultrasound technique to see which gave the best results for toning up arms. It was a no-brainer! Pole Fitness was the clear winner – a confidence booster, the best value and no scars. See for yourself.

Get your diet and your body back on track with a Miss Fit MakeOver! 
At Miss Fit we have a TEAM OF EXPERT DIETICIANS AND FITNESS GURUS who are committed to guiding you through your self transformation. Whether you want to lose weight, need a nutrition makeover, or are preparing for a special event, we can help you. We have a range of programs to suit all lifestyles and budgets.

YOU NEED TO EAT RIGHT. Every Miss Fit MakeOver Program includes a CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN that is created for you by our qualified dieticians. Your food preferences, lifestyle and any underlying health issues are all catered for. Vegans, breast feeding mums, diabetics, coeliacs can all be catered for. We have heaps of easy healthy recipes for you create satisfying meals for you and your family.
These programs really work – check out the results.

An easy to follow 8 week program of exercises that you can do at home in your own time – no equipment needed. These exercises will turn unwanted fat into muscle, as well as improving your balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Your customized meal plan will be prepared by our expert dieticians. Download the exercise plans, follow our videos, and see your body change. Just $190- for your meal plan, exercise program and access to our on-line recipe library. Learn more.

If you like more face to face contact then this is the program for you! We help you to create lifestyle change and long-term healthy habits. The Choose to Lose More 8 week program includes one on one consultations with our expert dieticians AND you come to our studios to enjoy the benefits of training with Miss Fit in our pole fitness, conditioning or aerial yoga classes. You’ll also have access to our online exercise programs. Just $545- for your consultations, meal plans, group classes and access to our on-line exercise and recipe library. Learn more.

Guaranteed results with the ultimate 8 week TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. Do you want to be perfect for your wedding, a competition, or just the ultimate you?

Fortnightly consultations with our dieticians including detailed measurements to track your progress, as well as group classes AND personal training sessions with our fitness experts. We help you create positive lifestyle change and long-term healthy habits. Your $1295- includes weekly personal training sessions, dieticians consultations, meal plans, group classes and plenty of mentoring between sessions. Learn more.

Before you start any Miss Fit MakeOver program we like to have a chat to you to discuss your lifestyle and your body transformation goals. Fill out our  ON LINE ENQUIRY FORM and we’ll be in touch, or feel free to call us for a chat.

Speak to you soon!

Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit