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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Strength. Confidence. Miss Fit.

I’ll let you in on a little secret……I actually have a fear of heights!!!! For me to hang from a pole or lyra gets my heart racing! But with supportive people around me and by learning correct technique I learned to control those fears. We all have inner fears, but they dont have to prevent us from doing what we really want to do. When we are pushed outside our comfort zones we grow.

When you step through our doors into our luxurious studios, you are starting a journey that will revolutionise not just how you look but how you feel. We will support you to push through self doubt and fear so that you discover how capable and fearless you can be. That makes us resilient and strong. In these rapidly changing times, inner strength is crucial and allows you to adapt to new situations far more easily. Whether you’re on a pole, aerial hoop or sling when you’re at Miss Fit you are on a journey with us to discover a new you. At Miss Fit we offer the best in boutique fitness where your success is our success.

To make it easier for you to become your personal best, we have the following extra benefits for you:

  • FREE PRACTICE time each week for all term bookings
  • FREE eBooks for our pole and lyra curriculums
  • STUDENT RESOURCE PAGE with your choreography in video and written format
  • ONLINE stretch and conditioning classes – livestream and prerecorded
  • NO FEES for credit card purchases
  • DIRECT DEBIT payment plans

Lots of class options for busy people

Life often feels like a juggling act.To make it easy to fit in your exercise time there’s plenty of group classes to choose from – daytime, evening and Saturday mornings. PLUS you can train at home when you join our conditioning and stretch classes. See you in the Zoom Room

Going on holidays? If you know you cant get to every class in a term you can just book the sessions you can attend.

What our students say

I love classes at Miss Fit because of how it makes me feel.
Holly, July 2020

I always thought our pole classes were safe because of the space required and getting wiped all the time. So I totally feel safe coming back
Ellie, June 2020

I’m extremely impressed by all your communication throughout this ordeal and as well as all the changes and systems you’ve put in place for COVID.
Camille, July 2020

I chose Miss Fit because of the focus on technique and safety.
Gillian, June 2020