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Miss Fit Makeovers

Are You:

  • still not where you want be after dieting?
  • confused about eating healthy?
  • self-conscious about your body?
  • addicted to sugar highs or junk food?

Do You Want To:

  • gain muscle?
  • drop a couple of dress sizes?
  • understand how to fuel your body for exercise?
  • simply feel better about yourself?
  • re-gain your pre-baby body?

Your Solution:

  • Miss Fits team of expert dieticians and fitness gurus will get you right on track for your new body!
  • Your 8 week meal plan is customised for you
  • Access to our professional team to provide you with encouragement, guidance and motivation
  • Join our community of makeover clients and trainers to share your experiences
  • No gimmicks, no expensive supplements, no long term contracts – Miss Fits’ proven system of healthy eating and exercise works!

Click the image below to review the results of Miss Fits clinical trial.

“Thanks for looking into our Miss Fit Makeover Program. Over the last 9 years we’ve helped many women achieve their body transformation goals. I bring my scientific knowledge and experience in physical training to help create these proven programs. We look forward to helping you.”

Miss Fit

aka Dr Sarah Thompson
B.Sc Hons. B.V.Sc

Some Results From Miss Fit Makeovers In Just 8 Weeks!

Trish – weight loss of 13kg, total body fat reduced by 47%
Linda – 6.5 cm off waist, reduced upper body fat by 33%
Kirsten – weight loss of 10kg, 11.5 cm off hips, dropped 2 dress sizes
Dominique – weight loss of 8kg, total body fat reduced by 24%
Rhiannon – 8 cm off hips, total body fat reduced by 21%
Ling – from 0 to 14 sit ups during the program and dropped 2 dress sizes

100% of surveyed participants reported feeling happier about themselves, improved self-confidence and dropped dress sizes! NOTE: Results will vary from person to person.

Create A Positive Lifestyle & Learn Long Term Healthy Habits With These Programs

  • Recipes For Success

    Receive one of our healthy, delicious recipes and figure shaping exercise tips!

  • DIY

    Receive your own customized meal plan to fuel your body for success AND your week by week exercise at home program.

  • Choose to loose more

    If you need more help keeping on track with your meal plans and exercise then this is the program for you!

  • VIP

    Great results with the ultimate 8 week TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. Do you want to be perfect for your wedding, a sports model or just the ultimate you?

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