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Over 40s with toned arms

Friday, December 28, 2012

Miss Fit has asked me to be involved in a Today Tonight programme on Channel 7 airing in February.  It is on the subject of “Over 40s with toned arms”.  I fit the criteria as I’m one the eldest student at Miss Fit.  Plus I already lost some weight in the Miss Fit weight loss trial.

The filming started last Thursday at Castle Hill studio, less than 24 hours after some surgery and just before undertaking some breast biopsies.  I arrived at the studio in 33 degrees heat, glad to get into the cool of the studio.  Shortly after, the film crew arrived.  I was filmed by a patient but often frustrated cameraman – “Look at the camera… don’t look at the camera… everytime you look at the camera I have to start again…”.  The recording man was very pole curious and played on the poles in any down time.

Miss Fit (Sarah) and I were variously filmed doing carousels, Franks, climbing the pole and I tell you that the poles at Castle Hill are twice the height of mine at home and 1.5 times that of the Arto poles!!!

Sarah prescribed the pole exercises for me – suzy spins, invert preps, pull-ups onto the pole, spinning round the pole with 1 arm!!!  – as if!!  ……………….. I will try. I have added shoulder mounts, back spins, jamillas etc, everything I can do without upsetting the post surgery stitches. I have done weights and pole everyday I was home, so take out 2 days away for Christmas. Sarah said not to do everyday, but I am scared that if I don’t do at least a little every day I won’t get into the habit.

Chantelle, from Bites Health Clinic, our Dietician and Exercise Physiologist was there pinching me with her callipers repeatedly and giving me advice re diet. I went home with advice from Chantelle to resume the weight loss challenge diet but replace the 100cal snacks with small amounts of meat such as yummy Chop Chop Chicken.  I mean that, I really like it!

The next day I found out all my test on the various bits removed from me were benign.  Lucky.

Since the weight loss challenge finished I lost another 2kg – total 11kg, giving me some form of buffer regards Christmas coming.  Also I must admit that I had started sleeping with the enemy again – 85% dark chocolate.

Then I went to work with the intent of resuming the diet.    …And there was the Christmas food waiting for me again. I overindulged in roast meats and veggies, Christmas pudding, wine, chocolates etc. Disclaimer however, if its any consolation to me – most food gluten free and I had low fat ice cream and low fat brandy custard and low cal wine. oh and of course the 85% dark chocolate covering the berries .

I am determined to improve my performance both in resuming the diet, and exercise.

Miss Trish