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Prepare for take off. Bungee is back!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Only at Miss Fit

It would be a pretty safe bet to say that this does not look like any workout that you are doing at your gym. Its actually the complete opposite. In a bungee class you train in reverse – the elastic cord keeps you off the floor and helps you to fly. Its outrageoulsy good fun and bloody hard work! Full on cardio plus lots of legs and abs. If you’re looking for something completely different that will crank up your fitness you just found it!

We all have wings – we just need to learn how to use them.

Click now and book your flight. Numbers strictly limited.
Wednesdays 7.00 pm starting May 5
Miss Fit Castle Hill
8 week term $240-

Are you the worlds worst dancer?

We all feel that if we are bad at something we shouldnt do it. We might embarrass ourselves. People might laugh at us. Guess what? You’re wrong.
Before I started learning pole dancing I had barely ever been to a fitness class. I knew nothing about dancing – and to be honest I’m still learning! I kept going because I loved it. It didnt matter that I had my feet tangled and was out of time. Gradually I got better. I loved practising because I loved how pole dancing made me feel. That’s why we do it. For so many of us this experience has been profoundly life-changing.

Find out what it can do for you.

Intimate friendly classes for you to build your confidence.
Beginners Pole Classes
Daytimes, evenings, Saturday mornings
New term starts May 3
Artarmon and Castle Hill
8 week term fee $225-

Why stretching is sooo good for you.

What are you missing out on if you dont stretch? Stretching doesnt just make you more flexible, it also releases endorphins and natural anti-inflammatories that make you feel deliciously relaxed and “unlocked”. It allows you to deeply connect mind and body so you feel grounded and de-stressed. You cant hurry a good stretch. Take the time and indulge in the moment.

It doesnt matter if you are nowhere near touching your toes or if you can already perform a back bend.
Stretching is great therapy for

Stretch safely with customized guidance from our expert instructors Luna (pictured), Grey Ace, Miss Fit and Piper.

Bendy Babes or Back Bends & Bridges
Evenings and Saturday mornings
New term starts May 3
Artarmon and Castle Hill
8 week term $190- (discounted if you are also booking pole or lyra classes)

What’s the problem with lyra?

We have a problem. Too many fanatical lyra lovers – we cant fit you all in!

Our solution. Legendary aerial performer Luna will now be running extra daytime classes as well as her sold out Saturday classes, joining our expert aerial teaching team of Monique, John, Angel and Miss Fit.

Autumn is the perfect season to throw on your fav leggings while you discover how beautiful you can be on the aerial hoop.
Classes are filling fast so you really need to book now.

Daytimes, evenings and Saturdays
Absolute beginner to advanced
Artarmon and Castle Hill
New term starts May 5
8 week term fee $240-

New Aerial Dance Class

Are you feeling a bit bored with floor-based yoga or maybe your knees cant handle the jarring effects of a dance class? Are you wanting to expand your aerial skill set?

Aerial Dance is a new class to be taught by the incredible Luna. You will learn how to use the special translucent slings needed for this class so you can make elegant shapes and effortless transitions as you float around the room. No dance experience needed and if you’ve never even touched a sling before you will be taught how to feel safe and secure while suspended by the fabric.

You will learn a choreographed routine each week with options to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility. A perfect way to start your day after you drop the kids at school.

Wednesdays 10.00 am starting May 5
Miss Fit Castle Hill
8 week term $210-