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4 STAR Intermediate Pole eBook

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4 STAR Intermediate Pole eBook


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Your guide to transforming your body and mind through Pole Fitness.

Pole dancing is unlike any other form of dance or exercise that you may have performed at the gym. Basically, you need to carry your body weight through your upper body and core strength. Initially this is hard for anyone to do, you’re certainly using muscles in a way that you would not normally. However, your body soon adapts to its workload and you develop more control of the moves which is when you really start to look beautiful on the pole.

As you progress you will not only develop greater arm and core strength, but also flexibility and self belief. This is one of the most wonderful aspects of pole dancing – you can challenge yourself as far as wish

This eBook is designed to augment what you have already been taught in your classes, and is not intended to replace your face to face instruction. Attending a class is the best way to learn so that you receive a detailed explanation of how to perform an exercise or pole move safely and correctly. During a class your instructor will spot you so you can attempt new moves safely.