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Aerial Yoga Hammock 5 Piece Set

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Aerial Yoga Hammock 5 Piece Set


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Low stretch fabric Aerial Yoga Hammocks For Sale.
Translucent with multiple colours to choose from (see pictures below).
These Aerial Hammock Sets are ideal for aerial yoga, aerial fitness and aerial dance. Other popular uses are photoshoots, aerial stretching or just chillaxing in your own Yoga Hammock.

Designed to be flexible this 8 meter long Aerial Yoga Hammock can be set to the height that suits you and your environment – you are not held to a hammock of a certain length that (hopefully) fits in the area you have set up for it – you can lengthen and reduce the amount of available hammock depending on the workout you have in mind. Your Aerial Yoga Kit comes standard with rigging for a double point installation but can set easily to a single point install – simply add a swivel to your set up for beautiful sweeping pivots in your aerial dance. You can easily wash your Aerial Hammock as it does not have the carabiners sewn into it.

Each Aerial Yoga Hammock comes with
1 x 8m x 2.8m hammock
2 x screwlock carabiners
2 x 50cm hi strength slings
1 x carry bag

Aerial Yoga Swing Hammocks are rated to 900kgs breaking point. Be aware that any aerial exercise is dangerous simply because you are off the ground. Please get the assistance of a builder or engineer to install your sling. (Even if you don’t buy it here).

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Blood Red, Gold, Teal, Purple