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Metal Water Bottles

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Metal Water Bottles


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The Miss Fit community are active campaigners in the war on single use plastics.
We have removed plastic bottles from our in studio shops and actively promote the use of metal (or reusable) drinking containers. We take it so seriously we installed filtered water systems in each of our studios and we gave each of our students a reusable bottle (all at our cost) so they have no need to use a single use plastic bottle. We are now offering similar to you, these bottles sell for between $25 to $30 in most shops. They cost us just under $20 – so that’s what we will supply them to you for. 

✔️Single wall metal bottle
✔️500mm capacity
✔️Range of colours to choose from
✔️Carabiner included to hook onto your bag

NOTE: Price listed does not include shipping. This will need to be quoted separately. Price listed is pick up price from one of our studios.

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Blue, Grey, Teal, Black, Purple, Red