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Pole Physics Gradual Tanner 200ml

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Pole Physics Gradual Tanner 200ml


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Look great on the pole & take care of your skin!

Contrary to what most pole dancers are told, dancers do need to moisturise their bodies not only to look great, but also to maintain a natural level of grip; essential to a great pole performance. Dry skin can cause grip issues on the pole, but supple, hydrated skin gives you a natural ability to grip.

Formulated for maximum moisture absorption, POLE PHYSICS is a specialised no-slick, non-slip body lotion that is engineered for hydrated, supple skin (without the ‘slick’ residue).

POLE PHYSICS NON-SLIP BODY LOTION is not a grip aid, so you can still use your favourite grip product.

POLE PHYSICS – is a no-slick body lotion that will enhance your skin’s natural ability to hold to the pole. Uniquely formulated for optimal pole performance.

POLE PHYSICS is a body lotion that enhances the appearance of skin tone & firmness.