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MayDay! How to save your body, mind and spirit from the winter blues…..

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

As we approach the cooler months, its easy to get into a sense of hibernation, and to give up on your good exercise habits. Most of us exercise less than we should. The CSIRO recommends at least 75 – 150 minutes of vigorous exercise each week (or up to 300 minutes of gentler exercise such as walking) and to include muscle strengthening activities 2 days per week. So if your only exercise is walking to and from your car, now is the time to make some small steps for positive change. Be realistic with your fitness goals and you’re much more likely to enjoy the process and to stick to your program. Small steps lead to small wins. This all builds up to bigger change and body transformation.

Remember that when you attend classes with us, you will feel part of a community, the mood is friendly, supportive and non-competitive. We are all there to push ourselves to achieve something that we haven’t tried before, maybe something we never dreamed we would achieve. We learn a new found appreciation of just how capable our bodies can be, and a new sense of self-worth. A workout is never a punishment for eating too much. What we eat should be the nourishment to nurture and fuel our bodies. Their reward for being wonderful.

Its not just about fitness. Exercise makes you feel happy! According to mbg movement, each time you exercise you release endorphins into your brain that make you feel good. This can reduce your cravings for other “feel good” foods or drugs. A workout is your chance to de-stress, and regular exercise changes your hormone pattern to make you more resilient to long term stresses. Getting active energizes you so you can actually achieve more in your day not less. As you get stronger you become more confident – you learn to trust yourself more and this new found self-esteem flows on to other areas of your life. You can be more in charge of your life. This in turn reduces anxiety, and you’ll sleep better. No better way to start the day!

At Miss Fit we have witnessed countless women re-define how they look and more importantly how they feel. Actually the most commonly reported benefit of doing classes with us is happiness, self-worth, and to have a regular dose of fun each week. Our classes have helped many to get off anti-depressants and deal with anxiety and body image issues. Learning to love and appreciate your body – no matter its size or shape – is a quality we all need to work on. We turn negative thoughts into positive actions. Then there’s no stopping how great you can be!

The new term at Miss Fit kicks off from Monday May 7 2018. 

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