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We offer dance poles, aerial arts and fitness equipment for both Sale and Hire including required accessories. Explore our amazing range of fitness poles, aerial equipment, rigging accessories and various other essentials. Delivery all over Australia and beyond or pick options available if you are in Sydney.

The Practice and the Profession

Aerial hammock and aerial hoop (also called Lyra) demand strength, endurance, and grace. But unlike creative movement on the floor, there is an extra layer of setup needed for dancing in the air, and it requires a fair bit of equipment. But that extra effort brings a great reward.

If you are a student first learning aerial hammock, you are likely to rely on the studio environment to practice and perfect your form. But at a certain point, this situation can limit your progress. There may be a point in your work when a switch goes off and you know you want to push to the next level. Moving up as a practitioner of aerial yoga hammock or yoga swing will mean collecting your own equipment.

As an intermediate or advanced yoga hammock artist, you may even have a strong desire to present your routines in front of an audience. For this, it’s always best to have your own setup.

When you have your own gear, it gives you much greater freedom to soar. With your own aerial rig, you can set up in many locations, either for practising your yoga hammock sequences at home or in the park with an appreciative audience.

At Miss Fit, we supply a collection of aerial equipment to outfit your dreams as a practitioner of aerial arts. We offer gear for sale and for hire to support your needs in the air.

Featured in the Store

One of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can have is the aerial yoga hammock stand or A-frame aerial rig. Made of chrome steel and aluminium, it is fully adjustable in height from 2450 mm-3480 mm. The rig is great for a yoga hanging sling, aerial silks, and Lyra (hoop) and comes with sandbags to secure it and convenient carrying cases. If you are ready to make the investment, you can purchase one from Miss Fit. For temporary use, like a performance event or a group demonstration, we offer the aerial yoga hammock stand for hire as well. Please note: this rig is not to be used for doubles work, swinging, or drops.

The Fly Gym Aerial Yoga 7 Piece Set is comfortable, versatile, and very strong. Made of 100% recyclable material, it’s fully adjustable as well as machine washable. The stretchy fabric makes for an awesome experience in suspended fitness. Practice your aerial asanas in comfort and style while being supported by the best aerial yoga hammock on the market.

If aerial hoop or Lyra is your passion, we have both brand new and pre-loved options for sale and for hire. You can choose from a tabless, single point, or double point hoops to suit your personal style.

Do you want to change the color of your Lyra to match your unique aesthetic? Try the Lyra wrap tape. It comes in many beautiful colors and offers a nice, sturdy grip to your apparatus.

You can work on one arm hangs and related choreography with the wrist sling, which hangs from the top of your Lyra. The wrist sling can also accommodate a small to medium-sized foot for inverted poses and sequences.

Rigging Accessories

Also in our store, you’ll find the rigging equipment you need to hang your yoga swing, hoop, or other apparatus.

A swivel is necessary to allow the apparatus to spin in space. You don’t want your aerial hammock twisting up on you during roll-ups or spinning from your hoop, as this can be very dangerous.

A carabiner is needed to connect your apparatus to your rigging point overhead. Screw lock carabiners should be turned upside down after placement to prevent gravity from unscrewing them. Ours are made of the strongest carbon steel.


Always seek the assistance of a qualified rigger or builder when rigging your equipment. Crash mats and spotters are strongly recommended when working at any height and at any skill level. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions and the recommended weight load limits provided on the listing pages.

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