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Summer Series Specialist Workshops

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmas is on the way and our special treat to you is our Summer Series workshops.

Miss Fit has invited some friends over, not for a BBQ, but to spend some time teaching us to appreciate how wonderful our bodies are and how many different ways we can connect with our strength, confidence and sensuality. For all of us, developing our physical skills makes us stronger on the inside, and makes us glow on the outside.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, we have classes to suit everyone. For absolute beginners to elite polers, yoga junkies, wannabe acrobats, or if you just want to throw on your heels and get in touch with your sensual side we have a smorgasbord of classes to tempt you. You do not need to be a current student to attend any of these workshops, guys are welcome too – check with us first to see if the class is suitable. If you’re wanting to tone up and work on your bikini body there is plenty to keep you in shape!

Our specialist instructors include Andrea Ryff the 2014 Australian Pole Champion, the amazing Amber Ray teaching aerial hoop – she has been a finalist at every Miss Pole Dance Australia since 2006, the gorgeous Miss Bliss teaching AcroYoga, Burlesque glamazon Holly J’aDoll teaching old school glamour (and more!), as well as a professional make up artist Kristin Stewart. Our regular Miss Fit teachers are teaching workshops that tap into their inner genius so that they can share their skills with you – Acrobalance, static pole, sexy floorwork, pole doubles, flexibility, dance classes, strength training, pole flips and drops. We have 38 different classes for you to choose from!

Our Summer Series runs over 4 weeks starting Monday 23rd of November. Our regular most popular classes are still on – Beginners Pole, Aerial Yoga and Conditioning Classes – running at the same times each week.

You can book a casual class, or save $$$ and bundle several classes into one of our packages. You do not have to commit to the same class time every week.

Andrea Ryffs Sweaty Betty Workshop (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

We’ve all had to deal with sweaty hands on the pole – frustrating! Learn how to use alternative grips and different body parts so that you don’t go sliding to the floor. It’s all about creating options. Andrea will show you different grips, tricks and combinations so that you stay up on the pole. Suitable for 3 STAR and higher students, you need to be able to invert and perform a left leg hang.Attend as a casual for $75- or book a package to save $$$

Andrea Ryffs Strength & Grace Workshop (Artarmon and Castle Hill  studios)

Find the grace in your strength and power moves. Learn some of Andrea’s favourite tricks and combos and how to make them flow. Benefit from her profound knowledge of correct technique to understand how to make hard moves easier and safe. Suitable for 5 STAR and higher students – you’ll need a shoulder mount and preferably a handspring.

Attend as a casual for $75- or book a package to save $$

Andrea Ryff’s background in gymnastics (both as a competitor and with over 10 years coaching experience), and weight lifting, set her up perfectly for pole dancing. She never stops finding new and creative ways to extend the possibilities of how to move your body around a pole. Andrea is an established international competitor – she is the 2014 Australian Pole Champion, and this year has competed at the World Pole Sports in London, Australian Aerial All Stars, Paragon, and will be returning to teach you after the International Pole Championships in Hong Kong. For those of you interested in pole comps she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Aerial Hoop with Amber Ray (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

Put your pole skills to good use and learn the basics of how to create beautiful poses on the aerial hoop. Get some great shots of yourself looking like a circus performer. Wear yoga pants or leggings to protect your legs. We will work in groups of 2-3 on each hoop so you can support each other. Get ready for a variation on “pole kisses”! Guys welcome too!

Amber Ray is one of Australia’s best known polers and aerial performers, having been a finalist at Miss Pole Dance Australia every year since 2006. She is a friend of Miss Fit and an amazing instructor.

Attend as a casual for $55- or book a package to save $$$

Amber Rays Hip Hop ’nPole (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

Feelin fly? Go postal with a wicked hip hop routine incorporating 90s inspired dance moves and all levels pole elements. Keep your eyes on the prize, listen to the beat while you move those feet. You’ll know you’ve had a work out after dis class!

Amber Ray is one of Australia’s best known polers, having been a finalist at Miss Pole DanceAustralia every year since 2006. She has trained in and taught every dance style known! She is a friend of Miss Fit and an amazing instructor.

Attend as a casual for $55- or book a package to save $$$

 Holly J’aDolls Burlesque Chair Dance Plus Fans! (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

Unleash your inner vamp with Holly J’aDoll – the Glamazon of Burlesque and brilliant instructor. The chair provides the perfect ‘posing’ platform. Learn how to display your seductive prowess, discover how to create devastating bodylines and master a sassy swivel like it ain’t nobody’s business!

Learn a cheeky ‘take home’ chair dance routine including core classic burlesque moves, glove and stocking peels and subtle ‘reveal and conceal’ techniques to an upbeat old-school soundtrack. PLUS you’ll finish the session with a fan dancing 101 segment – learn how to swish those oversized showgirl feather fans with style. Open to everyone, this is a 90 minute class.

Attend as a casual for $45- or book a package and save $$$

Holly J’aDolls Art of Burlesque Striptease (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

Ever wondered how burlesque stars like Dita Von Teese manage to remove items of clothing with such elegance and panache?

It’s all about the tease. And on the burlesque stage, striptease is never a passive act. Audiences are invited to consider what the performer is thinking and feeling; they are offered a glimpse into her dazzling world.

In the Art of Vintage Striptease, you’ll enter this world, guided by Holly J’aDoll, one of Australias most in demand performers. Discover how to tastefully remove your ‘costume’ (worn over your exercise class attire) a long dress, a buttoned shirt, silk stockings, satin gloves – and your high heels! Open to everyone, this is a 90 minute class.

Attend as a casual for $45- or book a package and save $$$

AcroYoga with Miss Bliss (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

This is a blend of acrobatics and yoga, it’s a really fun and empowering way to get in shape and makes you feel connected with your group. It’s a partner practice that involves one person acting as a base, who keeps in contact with the ground to support the flyer, who is lifted into various poses that stretch and strengthen the entire body. You do not need any previous yoga experience, nor do you need to be a particular body type – big guys can fly and little girls can carry, that is what amazes many.

Guys are very welcome to join this class, but don’t assume you’ll always be the base – the polers are always keen to show off their strength.

Wear yoga pants and a t shirt, bring a water bottle. You do not have to bring a partner. Each session runs for 90 minutes.

Miss Bliss is a former gymnast, Iron Woman and qualified yoga instructor who will safely guide you through a ground based warm up and aerial poses. Progressions will be created for regular attendees to these classes.

Attend as a casual for $40- each, or book a bundle to save $$$

Kristin Stewarts Make Up Artistry (Artarmon and Castle Hill studios)

Kristin is a professional make up artist who works on fashion shoots, film and television. Learn from an expert on how to apply glamour make up properly so you have a serious wow factor when you step out. Each attendee will have a table and mirror so you get to practise on yourself. Products will be available to buy on the day, so bring cash. Do not wear make up to this workshop, just your usual moisturizer. You will walk out looking amazing ready for your Saturday night out. Allow 90 minutes.

Attend as a casual for $40- or book a package and save $$$