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Tap into the buzz, our tribe is thriving. Energy is contagious at Miss Fit. #wetraindifferent

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Feel like you need a lift? Our studios are buzzing!

Energy is contagious at Miss Fit

Is life getting you down? These are strange days indeed, but we dont have to let external events dictate how we feel. Switch off the news and bring your focus to you. Take some long slow breaths and listen to your body. What is it telling you? Does it feel heavy, lacking evergy? Do you feel like you are in a rut? Maybe you feel bored? Is anxiety making you freeze?

Investing some time and effort into getting more active is a decision you will never regret. It is an instant mood lifter. Your work or study lifestyle may have changed and you now have spare time to look after you rather than commuting each day. Often the hardest step is the very first one. Choosing to stand up, walk around and get in tune with your body and your environment. Try it! Spring is in the air, the jasmine is blooming and the days are getting warmer – it feels great to be alive!

Many of us need the infectious energy of a class to really motivate us – and that’s where we can really help you! We offer small boutique fitness classes that allow you to benefit from personalized interaction and targeted progress. Our expert instructors really care about you and your success. You will feel part of a loving community where we all support each other to push outside our comfort zones and discover a new side to ourselves.

When you first step inside our studios you will feel transformed – they dont look or feel like a gym. We train different. Our specialty is getting your feet off the floor – whether its a dance pole, yoga hammock or aerial hoop. When you’re a Miss Fit you learn how to fly! We dont just want to get you fit – we want to change how you feel. See your self-confidence skyrocket and find a newfound appreciation for just how much your body CAN DO!

We are a registered Covid Safe business and have daily protocols that exceed health department requirements. However if you prefer to train at home, we also have livestream conditioning classes running every week. In those small group sessions your trainer will also provide that highly personalized instruction you need.

Like to try before you buy? Book a Taster Class

Our new term starts from September 21, but prior to the new term we have taster classes runing for absolute beginners pole, sling and aerial hoop (lyra). It’s your chance to sample something new without committing to a term. Each taster class is $20- and following that session when you book in for the term you get a $20- discount off your term fees. Numbers are strictly limited so booking and payment prior are required. Click on the link below to book your session.

Lots of FREE stuff and other benefits for you when you book a term with us

We want you to make the most of your time at our studios so we have extra benefits included in your term booking! Fast track your progress to mastery!

  • FREE weekly practise session
  • FREE ebooks for our pole and lyra curriculums
  • Your choreography available in video and written form
  • Daytime, evening and Saturday class options
  • Flexible catch up class policy
  • Payment plans select PAY AS YOU PLAY for direct debit instalments