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The Dieting Dancer – Day 1

Monday, October 08, 2012

Day One

Breakfast: Yoghurt and berries
Snack: Ops forgot that
Lunch: Chicken and Halumi Salad
Snack: Carrots and berries (not at the same time)
Dinner: Greekish Salad and a slice of bread
Supper: Forgot to buy the low fat icecream…

Walking to the pub! (That counts right???)

So it’s Day One of the diet, and I’m already wondering how I’m going to make my next meal. Yesterday we all went to the studio to be weighed in. We stood against walls while our height was taken, quickly looked away while we stood on scales, were bemused by pen art being created on our bodies while seemingly random numbers were read out, then we were photographed… all I can say if at least there were no head shots… Finally we were given three sheet of paper to which our next 8 weeks of food will be planned off and politely told that’s it, good luck.

So today I’m looking at this list all bemused while wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into.

I guess I should give you a little background to what I’m doing and why, but firstly let me get out my disclaimers. I am not a doctor, I am not in the medical, nutritional or any health field, so everything I write here is my own thoughts with the nutrition expertise of dietician Chantelle Wardini from Bites Health Clinic. Ok that’s done…

So to get back to the point, one of my main joys in life is my dance class, I do pole dancing at Miss Fit Dance Studio and I love it! No I’m not a professional dancer, just a dedicated amateur who loves to swing round a pole three times a week for fitness and fun.

A little while ago Miss Fit and Bites came up with the idea of a clinical trial to see how pole dancing works with weight loss and fitness and I decided to sign up.

So here I am still staring at this list trying to work out if beef jerky actually still exists and how many punnets of strawberries I need to make up a cup. Sadly it’s evening now and my first day didn’t go very well.

Breakfast I thought was good with yoghurt and berries, until I check the list again and saw that was a snack not a breakfast. Added to this it was my friends birthday lunch at the pub. I tried to be good and order the healthiest thing I could, a chicken salad, but there was haloumi on it, and I know I should have put it aside (no cheese allowed) but it just sat there crying out to be eaten… Dinner was better, a kind of Greek Salad (without the cheese) but with chicken for the protein, and a slide of bread with some garlic on it.

So while not a perfect day, it was a start to get me use to the diet, or at least that’s my excuse. Tomorrow I’ll do better…