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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Wow what a week it’s been! We have had many guest instructors visit our studios, but I’ve never seen such an amazing reaction from all those who have been touched by the magic of Marion Crampe. While her exquisite pole routines have brought her much fame, it is her ability to connect on a much deeper level that makes her really stand out, as she gives so much of herself. I feel like we have been visited by an angel. She has sprinkled us with her angel dust which has impacted on us in many different ways. She has a very special energy that connects her with the world so that obstacles disappear and miracles happen. Despite all of this she is incredibly humble, very funny and swears like a trooper!

Feeling blessed with Marion (-: 

What a thrill to be guided into a Rainbow Marchenko, Music Box or to make a breakthrough in your flexibility journey. She dedicated her performance at our St Peters launch party to my 85 year old mum who loves pole, and even included a hospital visit to perform CPR on one of our instructors, lol!

Buoyed with renewed self-confidence, Grad Week should be a breeze! 

What happens in Grad Week:

If you’re new to our studios, Grad Week runs each term in week 9 of our term cycle. There is one Grad Night per studio, and they are put on as an opportunity for both students and teachers to showcase what they have been working on during the term. The pressure of performance is a great motivator to really master your chorie and pole technique. Once you get over the nerves, the sense of accomplishment is fantastic! So if you’re in 1 STAR or a chorie class in any other level, Grad Night is the goal that you are working towards.

Participation at Grad is purely voluntary, and it is not a pre-requisite to moving up to the next level. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to move up a STAR level you should have a chat to your instructor. If you’re in one of our Fundamentals classes you have a Proficiency Assessment in week 8 so you can see how you’re travelling with the curriculum in your level.

In your week 8 Chorie classes, your instructor will confirm who is going to be performing at Grad the following week. We prepare a Certificate of Achievement for all performers. Your class will have had conversations about what everyone is wearing – synchronized Grad outfits look amazing. 

For each of the Grad Nights the protocol is the same. Performers arrive at the studio by 7 pm with hair and make up done, ready to warm up. We all warm up together, and then each of the class groups gets to do 1 run through of their routine during the rehearsal hour. Guests are then welcome to come in from 8 pm, no earlier as we need to rehearse and prepare in private. Following your performance you will be presented with your certificate, and afterwards all the performers have a glass of bubbles and we have a little party.

Please note that we have a NO VIDEO and NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy during the performances for privacy reasons. Your guests can record you during the party following.

We have events on our facebook page for each of the Grad Nights – let us know if you’re coming (-: Apart from a great range of pole performances, we offer lucky door prizes – a member of our audience will win a FREE TERM OF CLASSES!

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Hope to see you at the studios soon ((-:

Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit