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The truth about exercise. Why it doesnt make you lose weight.

Monday, January 02, 2017

This might sound like an unbelievable statement from a fitness studio, but it’s true! Exercise alone will not make you lose weight. Simple as that. While 100% of our calories come from food, only 10 – 30% of them will be burned by physical activity. Without getting too bogged down with science, the majority of calories are used for the basic functioning of bodily processes while at rest (metabolism) and the remainder are used in the digestion of food. And there’s not much we can do to tweak these inbuilt systems.

You may feel that your world view has suddenly been turned upside down. Haven’t we been told forever that if you want to lose weight you have to exercise? Yes we have. But its an overly simplistic view.  Even if you exercise every day, it alone may not be enough to create weight loss as our bodies can attempt to conserve fat reserves by slowing down metabolism after some forms of exercise. Its an evolutionary survival strategy that probably evolved when food supplies weren’t nearly as plentiful. On top of that, we all tend to over-eat following exercise by over-estimating how hard we trained and because we really crave food after a workout.

The bottom line is that there are more people exercising than ever before, but what is happening? Global obesity levels are continuing to rise. Currently over 60% of Australians are either overweight or obese. We are getting fatter not thinner. What is going wrong?

The answer is so simple. Its sitting right there on the plate in front of you.


We have been set up to eat lots. Not only do we have a huge array of foods and drinks to choose from, look at how the size of our plates and glasses has ballooned over the past 20 years. Next time you visit a second hand store take note of how much smaller dinner plates were only 40 years ago. Through mass production, food is getting cheaper. The payoff is that it is nutritionally low quality. In first world countries, the poorer you are the more likely you are to be obese. McDonalds and Coca Cola assure us that consuming their calorie laden products is part of a “balanced diet” as long as we exercise. No wonder we’re fat!

Are you starting to get the picture? The rest of what I’m going to say will then make complete sense.

I’m not saying that we should not exercise, nor am I saying that its not possible to lose weight. Exercise is essential for a healthy body and brain. Our bodies were designed to be active and its vital that we provide them with that outlet. Exercise has been proven by a myriad of clinical trials to be the single most important factor in preventing diabetes and heart disease, strengthens bones, turns fat into muscle and prevents brain degeneration. Its also essential for weight management.

That all sounds very worthwhile, but that’s not why I exercise. Its actually about feeling connected and learning new skills. Exercise gets you out of the house so that you interact with real humans – not your virtual friends on facebook. Joining a community of like minded people working towards a communal goal of self improvement is a far more immediate reward than the health benefits that may accrue as we age. Learning new skills – whether its going upside down on a pole, mastering a somersault in a sling, or memorising choreography – is training your brain as well as your body. Leaving a fitness class on a natural high having mastered a new goal is the best drug I know. Feeling supported by your classmates when they spontaneously acknowledge your success – its priceless.

So this is the philosophy at Miss Fit. Our classes are not a punishment for your latest dietary overindulgence. We are not going to bark at you to push till you puke. Instead, we are there to engage and connect, make friends and learn new skills.  Don’t worry, you will be coaxed outside your comfort zone. You will be performing skills that you never thought you would or could ever do – when your mind and body are ready. However, most of the changes will be on the inside. We are teaching CONFIDENCE. Once you really start to believe in yourself, there is nothing you cant do. You’ll also discover how to really connect with and appreciate your body for all that it can do. Embrace your new found self awareness, self acceptance and resilience.

The good news is that  we can also help you to LOSE WEIGHT, so that you feel even better about you. These programs really work because we focus on your meal plans and healthy eating habits for the long term.  We offer a range of MAKE OVER PROGRAMS to suit a range of lifestyles and budgets. In each of them you’ll receive a CUSTOMIZED  meal plan prepared for you by one of our expert dieticians. These are created to fit in with your weight loss goals and preferences – vegetarians and vegans catered for – as well as any underlying allergies or health issues. If you select the Choose to Lose or VIP programs you’ll also have face to face consultations with our dieticians for more detailed advice and support. They will perform baseline measurements so you can track your progress, and ensure that you stay on track. For more details visit MISS FIT MAKE OVERS.

From less than $3.50 a day you can get started on your transformation. 

Its the 80:20 rule. Getting your food intake correct is essential, the exercise component is how you turn fat into muscle. Resistance training or strength building exercises have been proven to be the most effective way to increase your body muscle percentage. Pole dancing classes are the most fun form of resistance training. Not only are you getting strong and fit, but you’re also training your brain as you learn new skills and choreography. Even if you feel completely unco-ordinated, your brain is designed to learn. Give it that chance.

Studies have shown that those that successfully lose weight and keep it off follow 3 principles: they follow a calorie restricted diet and avoid fatty foods, they weigh themselves weekly and they exercise regularly. Our dieticians will show you how to make right eating decisions to keep you healthy for the long term.

So whether you wanting a sense of community, a new challenge or a lifestyle transformation, Miss Fit is the studio for you!

With 3 locations we are Sydneys largest group of pole fitness and aerial fitness studios – located at Castle Hill and Artarmon. You’ll love our brand new expanded studios at Artarmon, exercise in comfort and style! 

Visit our TIMETABLE PAGE for details on all our classes. Priced from $190- for an 8 week term.