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Things are looking better, but more than ever we all need to be resilient

Friday, November 13, 2020

Keeping calm in a world of change

Cast your mind back 12 months. We were still in the grip of an extended drought, bushfires were raging, and Sydney was baking.  We didnt know back then that things were actually going to get a lot worse…..Between the disastrous effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the wide-spread global outcry as a result of police brutality, and the continued destruction of the environment (to name just three), all of us have had to deal with some tough stuff. We are living in times of unprecedented change. We have to keep changing to survive. 

Change can feel like a threat or an opportunity. Its up to you. When you feel confident and resilient, change is a much easier journey.

6 tips on how to create your armourplated invincible YOU.

1. Work out what you can and can’t control. Your daily rituals, what you eat, who you spend time with.

 2. Practise self-control. Turn off your phone, dont eat if you’re not hungry, commit to goals you have set. Use small victories to build up to winning bigger battles. 

3. Focus on the positives. Express gratitude for the freedoms we currently enjoy. Spend time with positive people. Do things that make you laugh. Make a list of things that you like about yourself and add to it each day. Reward yourself for goals achieved. 

4. Change your thought patterns. When you have a bad day dont dwell on your negatives – even though it can feel “comfortable” to slump into a void of self-criticism. Share your problem with a trusted friend and you may get a new perspective. Seek help from a professional if anxiety is dominating your life. 

5. Live in the now. Dont dwell on the what ifs…. Master the art of distraction and busy yourself with things that you love doing. Connect with your tribe. 6. Move your body. Even when you dont feel like it. Force yourself to get up off the lounge and do something. Even 20-30 minutes of gentle exercise is a proven mood lifter. Look after your body so it looks after you.

Let’s get you started with some global positives (-: Australia and a handful of other countries are virtually covid free, and effective vaccines may only be months away. Nature has rallied – we are enjoying La Nina with drought breaking rains and full dams. The US has a new president who recognizes that global warming must be addressed, and major companies are setting goals to become carbon neutral despite our federal governments embarrassing inaction.  

Why we are thriving (not just surviving) at Miss Fit 

We are 100% fuelled by the power of positivity – its totally carbon neutral (-:In our small group classes, we make sure everyone feels included and receives the attention they need to achieve their goals. As soon as you walk through our doors you are joining our friendly, supportive, non-competitive community. We are committed to nurturing you to become your personal best – not just for now, but for the longterm as you progress through the stages of your life. 

Term 5 starts Monday November 16 and we are celebrating the end of 2020 with the joy of dance! Its the ultimate feel good workout and guaranteed to lift your mood! Dont worry if you dance with 2 left feet – allow yourself to make mistakes and just have fun! Classes to suit all interests and levels. Scroll down for details. 

Strength. Confidence. Miss Fit.

Dance to feel good

Dancing is the ultimate feel good workout. It brings out a natural high, the perfect way to end your day. It really doesnt matter if youre not a great dancer – forget the self-criticism and just allow yourself to enjoy the moment. Connecting your mind and body makes you feel grounded and selfaware.
This term we just want to have fun and indulge in the joy of movement. All our choreography will be pitched to be achievable in the shorter term, and will draw from a range of influences so you can explore new dance styles.
Choose from Pole Choreography classes, or open level Dance with J, Dance with Carla, Dance with Eva, Dance with Grey, and Lyrography (choreographed aerial hoop) classes.

Sydneys best value classes

Your term booking also entitles you to: FREE weekly practice session/s
Discounts when you book more than 1 class in the same term
Our pole and lyra eBooks as a FREE download – make the most of each prac session
Your choreography in video and written form

Term 5 dates: Monday November 16 to Saturday December 19

Morning, evening and Saturday morning classes, plus our livestream stretch and conditioning classes. At Miss Fit we can fit around your lifestyle.

Always wanted to try pole dancing or lyra?

Our upcoming 5 week term is a perfect way to try it out! You dont need to be fit to start – this is how we get fit!

During the beginners pole term you will learn our curriculum of beginner level pole spins and climbs and get to sample some easy to learn choreography. Its all about increasing your strength and learning some new skills. 5 week term fee $145- 1 class/week + FREE prac

In the 5 week Lyra 1 term you will be taken through our specialized conditioning exercises so you invert, balance and master a range of beautiful poses inside and under the aerial hoop. 5 week term fee $155-. 1 class/week + FREE prac

We’re open over the Christmas break

From December 21 to January 9 we will have a range of daytime and evening workshops, dance classes and practise sessions running so you can still get your fitness fix. Try something risque!

Workshops to suit all interests – pole for all levels, jazz/chair/commercial dance classes, FloorFlow heels routines, Lyra (aerial hoop), and aerial sling classes.

Calendar and details coming soon. Artarmon and Castle Hill studios.

Term 1 2021 starts January 11