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Too busy to get to the gym? Find out the real reason you’re not exercising.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The most commonly stated reason for not getting to exercise is lack of time. Paradoxically we find time for boring housework, TV or mindless screen
surfing. Often the real reason to not exercise is a bit more sinister – it is fear. Fear of failure, embarrassment at being out of shape, or low
self-esteem. Maybe we should be more fearful of the consequences of ignoring our bodies and allowing our health to decline? The consequences of
a sedentary western lifestyle are excessive weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. Is the future you want for yourself?

4 Simple Steps to turn it around.

1. Planning

Get your schedule sorted and start treating your workout as an event that’s just as important as any other appointment. Commit to it just as you would
a work meeting. This is your time for you.

Make it achievable. Are you a morning person or a night owl? What time is best for your body? Select a location that you can easily get to. The
key is to find a “thing” you love to do for exercise. Start with small steps, don’t over-commit, you can always add on later. Prove to yourself
you can make it happen each week.

2. Priorities

You need to prioritize your set workout times as non-negotiable. Make that commitment to yourself and don’t allow anyone or anything to break that
promise. This is your body and your life after all. Your mental health and your body are paramount. If you don’t, everything else will take
priority; kids, work, partners, pets, the washing…

3. People

Every successful person has a crew and support team around them. You need yours. Friends, family and colleagues who are as invested in your
success and helping you reach your goal are golden. Articulate to them what you need to do each week and why. Ask them to help hold you

4. Purpose

So what is the specific goal you have set yourself? Why do you want to lose the 5kg? What is the real reason, desire and purpose? Why is this
important to you?

Is it to feel sexier? To be healthier for your kids? Has your doctor given you a health warning? Do you just want to have fun dancing with
your friends? Do you want to prove the naysayers in your life wrong? Are you re-inventing yourself after a relationship bust up? When
you unlock your real purpose your motivation will be unstoppable. Your purpose is the reason you can cut excuses and keep consistent.
No matter what your goal is, identify your true purpose (be honest and ruthless with yourself). Find the why.

Write it, draw it, plan it. Identify this and you can achieve anything.

At Miss Fit we make it easy for you to commit to your goals. Our boutique fitness classes provide a personalized fitness
experience for you. With three locations, lots of timetable options, classes to suit all fitness levels, camaraderie, and supportive
instructors committed to your progress. One on one training available. If you want to take your lifestyle transformation further check
out our very successful Miss Fit MakeOvers programs.

We want to take this journey with you.

Read on for details on Taster Classes, Miss Fit MakeOvers, our Facebook community and our Fitness Classes for Kids and Teens.


 Make the commitment to you. Book your classes now.


Try before you buy! Taster classes for pole, sling and lyra.

All classes at Miss Fit are designed to not only make you fit, but our small group classes allow you to receive plenty of expert guidance
from our master instructors. They will ensure that you have a fantastic experience, so you really look forward to your time at our
studios! You can sample a range of classes and see which one you love the most!

Its no accident. Pole dancers look toned and lean because pole dancing is an incredible resistance training workout. This means that you
build muscle, so you look and feel fantastic.

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness classes will have you flying in the air as though you just don’t care! Suspended by the slings you can perform
sequences that are not possible on the floor. Floating is fun!

Aerial hoop or Lyra is for those enticed by the thrill of circus inspired aerial artistry. Learn how to balance, hang and make beautiful poses on the
metal hoop.

Booking essential for all taster classes. Check out dates and times from the link below.

Book your Taster Class


Body Transformations at Miss Fit

Work with our expert dieticians and trainers to get to your healthy weight – and maintain it! The old saying is true – you cant out-train a bad diet.
Eating right is Fundamental to getting your body in shape. Miss Fit is the only pole studio that works with dieticians to get
you on the right track so you achieve your goals. In our Miss Fit MakeOvers the goal is to get you eating right for the long term.

You will be coached by our expert dieticians to introduce healthy eating habits into your lifestyle, so you’ll understand how to keep the weight off
for good. You also participate in our group fitness classes to create visibly more toned arms, legs and abs. Private training sessions are included
in our popular VIP program.

New to Miss Fit? Get started with a Taster Class! Find out more about Miss Fit MakeOvers

Classes for kids and teens now running at Miss Fit

 Kids Aerial Gym: For boys and girls, 5-12 years, your child will be using a range of different apparatus. Content is customized for younger
bodies – balancing in yoga hammocks, somersaults using wrist slings, strength training using poles, aerial hoop, exercise balls and small weights.
Its all packaged into an action packed play based class, the mood is non-competitive and all about making fitness fun.

Teen Lyra and Teen Pole Fitness: Specific strength training to allow progression and mastery on these apparatus, your child will progress through
a structured curriculum.

All are small group fitness classes in a positive, non-competitive teaching environment. Content is customized to suit your child.

These classes run with school terms. Affordably priced, family discounts apply. Pro rata terms available. Your child can sample a class to see if they
like it.

Find out more


Revenge. Even the score in Term 2!

We are a ballsy bunch at Miss Fit, but we also nurture and look after each other in times of need. Sisters we’ve got your back! There are times when
we just need to avenge wrong doings. In line with our core philosophy of Empowerment and Strong Women, our music theme for term 2 is Revenge.

We all love hearing our favourite songs! If you’ve got some great ideas for Vengeful tunes, log into our student Facebook page (Miss Fit Dance Studio
– Group) and have your say for song choices for your warm up playlists.

Nothing more terrifying than a pole dancer scorned!! Sharpen those heels ladies…. We’re very excited about curating some punishing routines for you!


Miss Fit Dance Studio – Group


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