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We are not all the same. How we embrace your individuality at Miss Fit.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Body. Acceptance.
Why we need to learn to love our differences.

We are not all the same

Genetics 1.01 We have been pre-programmed with one of 3 fundamental body types – mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph – each body type builds muscle and burns fat at different rates. One type is not better or worse than the other, just different. Our genes and our environment set us on particular paths that will pre-determine how we look, how we behave, and how we respond to exercise. So if your genetic make up is that of the endomorph – soft, curvy and wide hipped – you will respond differently compared to the tall skinny ectomorph who is naturally lean and finds endurance sports easy. No amount of dieting or training is going to turn an endomorph into an ectomorph. Find out which body type you are here.

While you cant change your DNA code (eg your hard drive) you can use different software. Some things you can change. In recent years, the study of epigenetics has taught us that if with a deeper understanding of our genetic profile we can be extremely targeted in our approach to the best strategy to combine diet, llifestyle and exercise habits that will result in our “ideal body”. For example if you are a night owl, exercising early in the morning is actually a form of stress for you that can counteract the benfefits of the workout.

Through lifestyle choices we can switch off “bad” genes and activate “good” genes that can overcome for example an increased risk of diabetes or heart disease. You can program your body to retain those positive pathways. For instance, if you return to exercise after a long break, your muscle memory will allow you to reach your previous level of fitness more quickly than the first time you trained to that level. Disconcertingly, epigenetics has also demonstrated that the lifestyle decisions we make dont just affect us, but our offspring, so there is an added imperative for us to be making sensible choices to live our healthiest lifestyle.

Keep it real. Unfortunately, we tend to have a very narrow concept of acceptable body appearance – fat rolls, wrinkles and cellulite have been declared our worst enemies, and these beliefs are reinforced through advertising and social media especially, through body shaming. Yes ofcourse we should all be making the effort to exercise regularly and to eat as healthily as possible…..BUT


Just because you fail on an online fitness challenge does not mean that you are a failure. Learn to love your imperfections. Embrace your hips and your curves. Be authentic. There is nothing more sexy than a woman of any size who feels genuinely comfortable in her skin.

At Miss Fit we want you to feel safe enough to be your authentic self and to trust the journey that your instructors will be taking you. We want to nurture you to become the best athlete that you can be. This is your journey and comparisons to others are irrelevant. The fitness result you achieve will be different to the other people in your class. But this is your journey and your successes are all that matters. In our small group classes you will be supported to push outside your comfort zone so that you can discover your new powers and strengths. We have lots of class and timetabling options to fit in with your lifestyle.

We will show you how to be proud to be you.

In our stunning studios you will feel transformed – they do not look or feel like a gym.Bring excitement, adventure and achievement into your life.

You are BEAUTIFUL. Your version of healthy, strong and powerful is YOUR version.

Strength. Confidence. Miss Fit.

What’s new for Term 2?

We’re verfy excited that the bendy legend Luna will be joining our Artarmon teaching team for lyra and stretch, running classes from beginners to advanced. What ever your level you will be taken to dizzying heights of success with her extensive teaching experience.

Jacinta will be back teaching her very popular Dance and pole technique classes at Artarmon and Castle Hill.

AnDre Le is back teaching advanced chorie and his sexy flows in his Dance classes at Castle Hill

New to Miss Fit? Taster Classes running this week

If you have not attended one of our fclasses previously now is your time! You can sample a class this week or in the first week of the new term for beginners pole, aerial yoga, aerial fitness and aerial hoop.

Each taster class is $20- and if you book the term this is discounted off your term fee. Booking prior is essential. To get started reply to this email and let me know what you are interested in

What’s so special about Miss Fit?

  • Small group boutique fitness classes
  • Expert instructors
  • Beautifully appointed studios, no shared equipment
  • Covid Safe protocols every session
  • FREE weekly practice sessions
  • FREE pole and lyra eBooks
  • Your choreography provided in video format
  • A studio can you trust to take you to your personal best

Any questions feel free to reply to this email and we will connect with you.
Sarah aka Miss Fit