Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss Program

Miss Fit Dance Studio has completed a world first!

A clinical trial measuring weight loss and change in body composition using pole dancing and a controlled eating plan.

Anecdotally we have seen how our students body shapes evolve as they progress through our Pole Dancing curriculum, but we wanted to prove it! Guided by our dietician and exercise physiologist, Chantelle Wardini of Bites Health, our participants attended 3 pole fitness sessions at our Sydney dance studios each week. In addition they consulted with Chantelle & her staff, followed a personalized 8 week meal plan, Food Diary, weekly email follow ups and regular mentoring as required. Chantelle is also an avid pole dancer so she understands the thrills & challenges of pole dancing.

The Benefits

Pole Dancing is fundamentally resistance training as you’re carrying your body weight on your arms. Its very effective at strengthening upper body and core muscles, as well as improving posture.

Our participants lost up to 47% of their total body fat – and increased muscle mass – especially on their upper body and core areas. All in just 8 weeks! Read the report below:

Miss Fit Pole Studio and Bites Health Clinic

8 Week Weight Loss Trial – Key Findings


  • 19 women & 1 man.
  • Age range 19 – 49 years

Body Measurements Decreased

  • On average, participants lost 5 kg which equates to a 7 % drop in body weight.
  • On average, waist and hip measurements also decreased by about 5 cm each

Body Fat Decreased

  • Participant body fat measured at 7 different body sites decreased on average by 19% (Range: 5 – 47 % )
  • On average, body fat on the upper body (arm and back areas) decreased by 25 % , body fat on the tummy and “love handle” area decreased by 23 % and body fat on the lower body (thighs and lower legs) by about 12 %. ie: pole gives you great arms and abs, if you didn’t already know! Regular contact and recording of food intake optimised results
  • An interesting finding: It was observed that the girls who kept in contact regularly, routinely kept a food diary and committed to their 3 sessions of pole weekly had the most significant results

Girls who kept in contact actually lost more weight and body fat in total than girls who had “gone it alone”.

Participants reported positive feedback and satisfaction

  • Most participants reported clothes feeling “looser”, reporting having to buy new clothes.
  • Girls reported that people were noticing that they had lost weight and were looking great
  • Girls reported their arms and tummies feeling a lot more “toned”
  • Girls reported that they had learnt eating habits and ideas that they intend to continue with in the long term to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Road Ahead

  • Weight loss was steady and continuous throughout the trial with participants losing approx. 0.5
  • 2 kg each week which is shown to be preferable in terms of keeping the weight off long term
  • Decreases in body fat are expected to continue over the coming months as metabolism is increased (the girls have gained lean muscle mass) and new eating habits have been formed.
  • Chantelle Wardini
    Bites Health Clinic
    Dec 2012

    NOTE: Results will vary from person to person.