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What should I wear to my pole class?

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Feeling comfortable when you attend an exercise class is not just about finding the right fit for your fitness fix. Its also about wearing the right clothes. For students new to pole fitness or pole dancing classes, there is often an expectation or paranoia that you’re going to have to reveal a lot of skin in your first class. Fear not! In the beginner level,  shorts and a top suitable for exercise are fine. Its important to understand that we need some skin exposed to help us grip to the poles. So having your lower leg and arms exposed is all that’s needed when you start. That’s why full leg leggings are not suitable. You don’t need to buy a new outfit for your first class. Bike shorts or anything elasticized will be just fine. A singlet top is perfect so your arms are free to grip the pole and you wont get too hot. Bare feet are fine. Our floors are carpeted and the studios are air-conditioned to keep you comfortable.

As we progress up through the levels, we are using different body parts to grip to the pole so we can perform leg hangs and other pole tricks where we’re not holding on with our hands. That’s why we need an exposed tummy for intermediate and higher level pole classes. In those levels a crop top and short shorts work best. Boyleg shorts are only suitable for beginner level classes as they actually make it harder to grip the pole between your thighs. There’s nothing more annoying than sliding down the pole because the fabric wont let you grip.

An interesting benefit of attending pole classes is that you develop a new respect and love for your body. Instead of being self-critical for perceived inadequacies, you’ll realize just how good you are. Associated with this comes body acceptance, and you’ll feel far more comfortable revealing more skin. 

Our students rank feeling comfortable in their exercise gear as a higher priority than price, colour or style. There are some specific requirements for pole gear that are unique to our sport. Pole pants need to be a stretch fabric with a wide gusset and exposing the inner thighs. Some pole pants have a ruched bottom so your pants travel with you when you slide down the pole. Tastes vary widely as to whether the butt cheeks should be on show or not. Most prefer them covered, but there’s plenty of polers that loving letting them hang out! You can decide what feels right for you. Above all, avoiding wardrobe malfunctions for wide leg moves is all important, so you do want a wide gusset.

Pole tops need to be stretchy and supportive enough so that you don’t feel that you need to wear a bra as well for extra support. Its very worthwhile to spend a bit of extra money on a well designed and well made top. There’s nothing worse than hanging upside down from a pole and worrying that your puppies are going to pop out! If you’re well endowed, select a top that gives good coverage over your cleavage – not quite as sexy but you feel very comfortable in any inverted move. Tops that have a racer back will give you great grip on the back of your shoulder for leg hangs and other hands free holds. Some tops are really awkward to get off – super annoying when your arms are exhausted after a pole workout – so its great to try the top on before you buy. 

At Miss Fit we have pole wear and athleisurewear available to try and buy at the studios, or online through our website. We sell Tatiana Active Wear at our 3 locations across Sydney – studios at Artarmon and Castle Hill. Styles and colours to suit all tastes. Basic black, grey, white, green or the colourful orchid or quartz prints. When you try them on you’ll realize how comfortable they feel. The stretch fabric is silky smooth and you’ll never end up with an awkward wedgie or wardrobe malfunction. The Tatiana range is priced from $55-.


Come dressed in the right gear and you’ll definitely have a more enjoyable workout. 

What about heels? We are a heels optional studio. Heels are not for everyone, but some women just love them. Starting off in bare feet is just fine. As you work your way up through the levels you may want to buy some heels – they do make you look far more sexy – and they make some pole climbs and tricks easier! Ill go into more detail about choosing the right shoe and how to walk in them in the next blog.