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What’s your biological age?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We all know our actual age, but what is your biological age? Your biological age is an indicator of  how well you are looking after you. It is calculated by measuring the largest (scientifically researched) influences on longevity. It is also skewed towards lifestyle or cultural factors and specifically avoids any genetic biases.

Try the quiz now and see how you go! Click on the link to do the quiz.

Did you get a pleasant surprise or a nasty shock?

Give yourself a love hug if your biological age was less than your actual age – you’re on the right path, keep up those healthy habits!

If you were not happy with the results, think about these 5 key areas of your life:

1. How much you sleep

2. What you eat and drink

3. How much you exercise

4. Your relationships/mood

5. Your work

It’s no great surprise that if you are not sleeping enough, eating rubbish, live a sedentary lifestyle, are disconnected from your community, and in a job you hate that you are going to look and feel very miserable. While it’s not realistic to turn your life around in a day, incremental change is achievable and produces results.  Often problems are interrelated – for example you may not be sleeping well because your diet is poor, you don’t exercise, you’re addicted to social media, or you’re feeling stressed by work. It can all add up to an unhappy life, with no real sense of purpose or achievement, punctuated by bouts of illness. If you can change one aspect of your life, the other factors will start to flip around too. Then healthy habits become a lifestyle and are easy to adopt.

At Miss Fit we continually witness positive life change through empowering exercise, supported by the sense of community that permeates our classes. The benefits are physical and psychological. We have had many students successfully overcome battles with depression, poor self esteem, obesity, and lack of body awareness to become resilient women empowered with self-confidence. This new found self-belief has flow on effects to other areas of life – work, relationships, finances etc.

At our boutique studios, we specialize in pole fitness and aerial yoga. We run small group classes where you receive plenty of teacher attention, and join a community of like-minded women. The mood is non-competitive, friendly and supportive. Not only will you tone up and get fitter, you will develop increased body awareness, and get to make some new friends so that you feel part of a community. With our expert instructors and the group energy in the classes will inspire you to master challenges that you never imagined you would or could ever do.

You don’t need to be fit to start our classes, this is how we get fit.

Pole Dancing. We offer 6 STAR levels at Miss Fit from absolute beginner to elite. We all start as beginners (1 STAR),  and each level is the building block for progression up to the next level. By the time you reach 6 STAR you are a high functioning athlete and certified pole addict! Pole dancing is resistance training and will develop your upper body and core strength, as well as adding some sassiness into your day. Much more fun than a gym workout. Let your hair down in a safe female-only class.

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness. Stretchy fabric slings provide support and incredible versatility in the range of exercises that can be performed. Aerial Yoga is a gentler class with more focus on breathing, body awareness, flexibility, balance and control. Aerial Fitness is a more demanding class designed to improve your upper body and core strength so that you can then perform flips, somersaults and aerial exercises all while safely supported by the slings. Flying is fun! 

Miss Fit MakeOvers. We offer proven programs for those who are wanting guidance with healthy eating habits and exercise. All programs include an 8 week meal plan prepared by our expert dieticians that fits in with your body transformation goals. In the Choose to Lose program you also have face to face consultations with our dieticians so that you receive more mentoring and support, as well as joining our group classes to burn off those unwanted calories and have some fun!  See the results for yourself. All the MakeOver programs are based on the latest scientific research, no gimmicks or expensive supplements to buy.

 Taster Classes for Beginners Pole and Aerial Yoga. Not sure which class is right for you? Come to a Taster Class where you get to try a class without having to commit to a term. Check out the studios, meet a teacher, see if you like it! We have lots of classes for you to choose from. Check out the dates and book yourself in. Don’t worry if you’re completely unfit or uncoordinated, just try it and see how you go. Why not bring a friend?

Lets get you started and see how many years we can wipe off your biological age!

Term 3 starts from Monday 23rd May and we are taking bookings now! We have 3 locations for you to choose from – Artarmon and Castle Hill. Select your class and pay on-line through our easy to use booking system, no password needed. Discounts apply when you select more than 1 class in the same term. Find the Term 3 Timetables by clicking on this link.

Look forward to meeting you soon!


Dr Sarah Thompson aka Miss Fit

actual age 52 years, biological age 29 years.