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While we’re closed we will still be training with you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Weathering the coronavirus storm at Miss Fit – it’s not all gloom and doom!

Following on from the government order to minimize the spread of corona virus, we will not be able to run group classes at either of our studios from Monday March 23. However, during our forced closure we will be doing everything we can to continue to provide you with quality fitness and dance experiences in a free online format as well as the opportunity to hire our quality equipment to use at home. We are devastated that this situation has been forced upon us, we will need to support each other so that we can resume our regular operation as soon as possible once this crisis is over.

All term bookings have been place on hold and a 6 week term credit applied as today would have been the start of week 3 of the current term. When we are able to re-start our next term you will have a standing credit to apply.

1. Equipment Hire – so you don’t miss a thing!

We will have poles, lyra, slings, crash mats, weights and Swiss balls available for you to hire for at home training.
Pole Hire fees: $50-/week for current Miss Fit students plus bond (install $50- if needed)
$70-/week for non-Miss Fits plus bond (install $100 if needed)
Lyra Hire: $40-/week plus bond (includes strap, karabiner and swivel), no install provided
Yoga Sling Hire: $30-/week plus bond, no install provided
A Frame Hire: $20-/week plus bond (suitable for lyra or sling)
Crash mats, yoga blocks, weights and Swiss balls: From $5-/week plus bond

If you are considering hiring any equipment check first that you have an appropriate place to install it. Poles require a solid ceiling to be mounted against (cement or gyprock with ceiling joists above). You can check by looking through the manhole in your ceiling. False ceilings are not suitable. You will need a decent space about 3 metres across. You then need to accurately measure your ceiling height.
Lyra and slings require a solid ceiling attachment point or beam to suspend the equipment from, you may need to check with a builder if what you have in mind is suitable. We are not able to give engineering advice.
For all equipment hire bookings please email John: [email protected]

2. Free online content so you can train at home.

Apart from our choreography videos already uploaded to the Miss Fit Youtube channel, we will this week be uploading a range of short training videos suitable for workouts at home that don’t need any special equipment. As training you for aerial exercise is our speciality the workouts will target those muscle groups. Join us for some juicy stretch sessions too! To give you some goals to work towards we’ll run our splits and strength challenges!

We will also run live classes for those with poles or other equipment at home via Zoom so you can enjoy your pole, stretch or conditioning class in your lounge room – how cool is that! All this content will be only be available for you – our current Miss Fit students and will be FREE!!!!

We will send you the links to these classes via email ASAP.

3. Private classes at the studios.

We are currently investigating if we are able to offer private tuition (groups of 1-2) with your favourite instructor at the studios. Details to be confirmed ASAP. Let us know if you’re interested. Private tuition from $90-/hour.

In the future would also love to get together in small groups for training in parks, bush walks and a range of other healthy outdoor activities where possible. We will map out some plans once we have a little more certainty on what we can and cant do, but for now we are focussed on social distancing and quarantine as required.

We thank you so much for your support during these extraordinary times.
May you and your families stay well!

Sarah and John and the Miss Fit instructors